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  1. If you could have any weapon in the world, or any war-time vehicle, what would you get?

  2. Laughing gas.
  3. *Glances around her home where there is a fine collection of swords, axes, hammers, maces, flails and knives...*

    Y'know... I'm good! :D
  4. I want a rapier!
  5. Oh, of course YOU'D pick the Rapier.

    I've always held a philosophy: If you want to kill it, kill it with fire.
    Therefore, the flamethrower would make me quite happy indeed.
  6. Lightsaber, of course.

    Or a panda who knows Kung Fu.
  7. I keep hearing in my head when I pass this thread "I fought the War and War won..."
  8. Magic bitches.

  9. No one told me we were going for scifi/fantasy weapons! I am changing my answer to the "power of friendship" then. Nothing beats that!
  10. Spiral power. Mix with some hot-blooded personality and there is no one or thing in this galaxy or the next that can defeat you.
  11. The Sentry Serum.

    That, or a Disintegrator Ray Gun.

    As for vehicles, gimme a star-fighter of some sort.
  12. Green Lantern's ring
  13. IS-7. Best Russian tank! :D
  14. I'm gonna second 'The Sentry Serum'. Though hopefully, I won't become a schizophrenic crazy face.

    Also, magic. Specifically, necromancy.

  15. Just remember, Don't believe in yourself, Believe in the me that believes in you
  16. a vast collection of soviet surplus vehicles (with a card for free fuel)
  17. Hmm... probably the four swords of power- Durendal, Excalibur, Clarent and Joyuse.

    As for vehicles...
    Gimme an F-18 Hornet any day!
  18. If I were to choose a weapon, it would be probably Raising Heart Destroy.
    Those who have seen Nanoha will agree with me on a fundamental level that there is no weapon more devastating than that. Unfortunately, I could not kill people with it, only "befriend" them.

    Another good choice would be to wield entropy as a weapon, or magic that has no limitations. As for a vehicle, I would probably choose one from my own worlds, preferably something custom-tailored to my tastes.
  19. Actually, I'll pick Perturabo.Iron within, Iron without and all that.