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  1. In case you haven't heard google recently finished developing a 9 dan go bot. it beat the current european champion 5 games in a row of a 5 game series. it's set to play against the worlds number 1 player, lee sedol in march of this year.
    *sigh* i'm losing faith in humanity. i thought for sure it would take another 5 years for cpu to beat humans. (go is the worlds hardest board game with more game positions than the number of electrons in the universe.)
  2. I am beaten by computers in 100% of the games I play my fleshsuit is useless and clumsy
  3. Are... are YOU a robot...?
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  4. The fact that a machine, specifically designed to play a specific game, can beat a human at it really isn't surprising at all.

    If it's well-programmed then of course it would do well. It should know what the best moves would be in any situation. It shouldn't even need to think, really, unlike a human.

    ...But that's because its entire purpose is to play go. It would be much more impressive if this was an AI designed to learn how to play games on its own. Because then it wouldn't have the mechanics of go hard-wired into its programming. It would have to be capable of learning all the rules on its own, and then also capable of mastering them (which is much more similar to how a human would become good at the game). If a machine like that could beat even top-ranking humans at a game like this, then I'd be impressed.

    But this... this doesn't sound all too different from a completely unfair video game AI that isn't programmed to miss a single beat, therefore never giving the player a chance. XD
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  5. Really isn't that impressive

    When you find me a Bot that can outmaneuver any human player at something far more complex, because the number of 'game positions' does not for complexity make, but for a game that requires actual thought to out think a human player, like say Civilization 5, or some other strategy game that requires really actual deep thought and potential thinking outside the box

    Then I'll be impressed
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  6. Computers have been beating us at chess since 1956. No real surprise to be had over here.
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  7. Precisely why the AI is so good (on top of reasons others already said).

    It has a lot better computing power to process all the possibilities in a much smaller fraction of the time. It's chances of forgetting something, getting panicked etc. are non-existent.
    That being said though, the only reason humans aren't also as good is that we just didn't need to evolve in that manner. The skills required to play games like 'go' are very new to humanity.
    Meanwhile games that require more creativity? Like above mentioned Civ 5? Those skills are stuff we've had millions of years to develop as we evolved.

    So beating a few hundred years of Human Progress VS a few million?

    It's not really a surprise at all to be seeing computers beat us in the former considering.

    More in depth read for those interested.
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  8. That sounds like the type of deflective question a synth would say.
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  9. Looks like we have a Voight-Kampff test to give!
  10. I've got the perfect guy for the job.

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  11. He seems quite reliable and not crazy in the slightest. Not one bit.
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  12. That sounds like the kind of statement a filthy Brotherhood of Steel member would say
  13. That sounds like the type of logical conclusion an unbiased observer would say.
  14. UHHHHH

    You caught me
  15. That sounds like what a raider spy would say!
  16. That sounds like something a skater guy would say.
  17. That sounds like something someone perpetuating a joke that has gone horribly off topic would say.
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  18. [​IMG]

    can you read this
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  19. Of course! That clearly says *PARSE ERROR*! Hah!
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  20. Soon they'll be beating us in Civ too.
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