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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Sole, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. I'm Sole. I am a sophomore at my uni, and a resident assistant. Here are some tidbits:
    • I've been post-by-post RPing for almost ten years.
    • Hella new to this site.
    • I've been a professional cook for the past three years.
    EDIT) I came with all of these goons.
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  2. Welcome Sole! That name seems familiar...Eh, whatever, doesn't matter. Look, I'll just cut to the chase here. I want to butter you up so you can butter me up some food, and that's just how it is. What do ya say? :bsmile:
  3. Puns are my life. Deal.
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  4. Awesome :jump:
  5. Great Migration, yeah, confirmed, he's with me.
  6. Howdy Sole, welcome aboard! :D
  7. Thanks!

    Only have been on a day and already posted a guide to the World Builders section haha
  8. HURRAY! O__O We need more awesome worldbuilding peoples!
  9. It'll be nice to have someone on here that can make food for the Sole, as opposed to my foodforpigs. :)
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  10. Hi Sole. Long time no see. :wave:
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  11. Sole as in the fish? It's delish!

    (jumping on the puns for food wagon)

  12. Food you can stomp on?

    Anyway, welcome to the site Sole!
  13. If you like horrible puns, I'd suggest playing the first two Dead Rising games.

    Also hi, welcome and yes I would also like the foods.