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I find your lack of _____ disturbing.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Vay, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Simple! Just say what you find the lash of disturbing in the poster below you!

    Obligatory Example:

    Poster one:

    I with your lack of pants disturbing.

    Poster two:

    How did you even know? D=

    I hind YOUR lack of wit disturbing.

    Its that simple!

    First up:

    I Find your lack of geekiness disturbing.
  2. *a ceramite fist hurtles towards Vay's face*

    I Find your lack of Metal disturbing.
  3. B-but I only listen to Metal when in the mood! I-I'll try harder, I swear!

    I find your lack of tentacles disturbing.
  4. I just had them trimmed though! They were in the way!

    I find your lack of Chinese language skills disturbing.
  5. But I tried my very best! It's just so hard to learn! ;-;

    I find your lack of strawberries disturbing.
  6. Tropical climate mate, whats a guy to do?

    I find you lack of evuls disturbing.
  7. You should know better than to expect evuls from me, Vay. =x

    I find your lack of Sakura disturbing.
  8. I just can't find it within myself to see what's good about you people.

    I find your lack of direct eye contact disturbing.
  9. <_< >_> What, uh... >_> What do you possibly mean by that? >.>

    I find your lack of epic beard disturbing.
  10. It's against military regulation, suck it up and drive on.

    I find your lack of intoxication disturbing.
  11. I'm strange enough without it.

    I find your lack despair disturbing.
  12. You think I'm happy now? I'm just getting started.

    I find your lack of greenery disturbing!
  13. I can't help that I live in an apartment with no gardening area! ;___;

    I find your lack of cupcakes disturbing! *pout*
  14. We're out Of cupcakes? Fml

    I find your lack of disruption disturbing.
  15. I can fix that

    I find your lack of cannibalism disturbing
  16. Cows simply taste better than people.

    I find your lack of clothes disturbing. >:]
  17. I'm comfortable with who I am. :|

    I find your lack of consideration for personal space disturbing.
  18. I can't help it if I'm snugly with the ladies.

    I find your lack of crappy posts disturbing.
  19. Why thank you.

    I find your lack of violence disturbing.
  20. OI! I'm a staff and have to take responsibility once in a while now ;____; I wish I could kick random ass like in the good ol' days.

    I find your lack of hygiene disturbing.