I find myself in need of a partner (or a few)

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  1. As the title has already stated, I am looking for a partner to do a onexone fantasy rp with. If, as I continue this post, you read it and think that I'm being far too picky I'm willing to talk about it; I know that I can seem difficult to work with but honestly enjoy discussing new ideas and ways to write, so don't think that I cannot be flexible. Here is some basic info:

    I am most experienced with female characters and having a partner with a male character.

    Romance is all right, but should not be overwhelming and I do not under any circumstances do mature rp. If it would be too much for a teen novel, I'm not going to do it. My reasons for this are my own and this is not something I will discuss or change my mind on.

    It is also alright if there is no romance at all.

    I would prefer my partner to have a male character, however they can have more than one or we can talk.

    In onexones that I do, I am generally submissive but will want to have a say in what happens at times. If you're the type of person that cannot discuss ideas, then please don't reply.

    The amount of information I give in posts and my posts' length will vary depending on circumstances. These things can be discussed prior to rping.

    I am horrible with plots but enjoy creating characters, so if you've got a fantasy plot bunny that you'd like to share with me and discuss possibly rping, I'm all ears.

    My availability does change frequently due to the demands of school, personal life, etc. However, I do come online about once a day even during busy times (and would be willing to discuss things OOC at that time via pm) and usually post IC once every 1-3 days.
  2. WOOH! I have a plot that you might like but it's more of a action/violent roleplay would that be okay?
  3. Sounds good :) What is it? (You can pm it to me if you'd prefer not to post it on here, I don't mind either way.)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.