I finally joined hurp durp

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Ninja Kitty

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I kept meaning to sign up here orz better late than never

So hi! I'm Ninja Kitty and there are probably some of you here from MW/AFTA that remember me! If you don't remember me or don't already know me, then get out 8I

Nah just kidding! :3 It's good to be on a forum again, hope to have some GOOD TIMES.
Onna' them Ahftah types, huh? We get a lotta' you folks round here.

Right enough of my terrible redneck impression. Welcome to Iwaku, delicious friend.
Nothing smartass, or mean to say here. Good to see you again, NK.

And welcome to Iwaku.
:3 Thanks for the welcomes, guys! It's good to see everyone again, and meet all the people I had not met before.
Ello there. You may call me TNT or Mabu. I'm in charge of Table-Top Tyrants, the group dedicated to things like DND, Warhammer 40k, and numerous other table-top games. Glad to meet you.
Sweet, nice to meet you too~ I haven't played D&D for a while, but I do play in a Champions game.
Welcome, Ninja Kitty. *tips hat*
How do you do?
I do not know me, but by your implied lurking you may know me.... so I don't need to say anything, Only welcome, eyes are now upon you.
*Sniffs around a little* I smell a kitteh somewhere *continues to look around tail swaying from side to side*
hello there Ninjaz kitteh, welcome to the Iwaku. If you've got any questions at all don't hesitate to ask
Welcome to the site.

*boots a newbie down a hole and raaaves with a ninjahkitteh*
welcome to iwaku

they're all a little crazy. but who isn't?
Thanks for all the welcomes, guys! It's nice to meet everyone~

I'm doing alright, and Ocha, it's whatever cake you can imagine o___o