I finally joined hurp durp

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  1. I kept meaning to sign up here orz better late than never

    So hi! I'm Ninja Kitty and there are probably some of you here from MW/AFTA that remember me! If you don't remember me or don't already know me, then get out 8I

    Nah just kidding! :3 It's good to be on a forum again, hope to have some GOOD TIMES.
  3. Onna' them Ahftah types, huh? We get a lotta' you folks round here.

    Right enough of my terrible redneck impression. Welcome to Iwaku, delicious friend.
  4. What she said, plus YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY~
  5. Nothing smartass, or mean to say here. Good to see you again, NK.

    And welcome to Iwaku.
  6. :3 Thanks for the welcomes, guys! It's good to see everyone again, and meet all the people I had not met before.
  7. Ello there. You may call me TNT or Mabu. I'm in charge of Table-Top Tyrants, the group dedicated to things like DND, Warhammer 40k, and numerous other table-top games. Glad to meet you.
  8. Sweet, nice to meet you too~ I haven't played D&D for a while, but I do play in a Champions game.
  9. Welcome, Ninja Kitty. *tips hat*
    How do you do?
  10. I do not know me, but by your implied lurking you may know me.... so I don't need to say anything, Only welcome, eyes are now upon you.
  11. *Sniffs around a little* I smell a kitteh somewhere *continues to look around tail swaying from side to side*
    hello there Ninjaz kitteh, welcome to the Iwaku. If you've got any questions at all don't hesitate to ask
  12. *Deep bow* Hello I am Okami. Welcome.
  13. Welcome to the site.
  14. Free Cake? What type of cake?
  15. THIS.

    *boots a newbie down a hole and raaaves with a ninjahkitteh*
  16. The Dragon greets you.
  17. We need to re-supply the zoo...
  18. welcome to iwaku

    they're all a little crazy. but who isn't?
  19. Thanks for all the welcomes, guys! It's nice to meet everyone~

    I'm doing alright, and Ocha, it's whatever cake you can imagine o___o
  20. idk, I'm completely normal.