I feel terribly lonely

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  1. What to do when you feel lonely and the world decides to isolate you? I tried talking to my family, they're unavailable. To the people in the roleplaying forums I frequent, but most of my partners left, including someone I could turn to when I feel like this. Nobody is talking back to me in facebook. I tried calling friends, but they don't pick up the phone. I couldn't get a listener in 7 cups. I don't even know where my boyfriend is and he isn't picking up his phone either. I need human contact, beyond interacting with a cashier. What to do, when I can't get anybody to talk to me?

    Or at least tell me how to stop crying, before it turns into a headache, because headaches for me usually come with neck and back ache and overall a stiff body and sometimes indigestion. Please, I don't want to be ill. I want to feel cared for.
  2. If you'd like to talk, I'm always around. Feel free to shoot me a PM anytime and I'll make time to talk to you. <3
  3. Feeling lonely is a awful. And it's a dozen times worse when there isn't anyone to talk with. You can always send me a message if you'd like. I promise I won't ignore you. ^^
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  4. I know the feeling. There is really nothing worse than feeling like there is nobody around to hear you. I think loneliness is something I'm too familiar with...

    The scary thing about loneliness is probably the fact that it makes the doubts and insecurities in our heads echo, louder and louder until you just want to cry for no reason at all. I think that being acknowledged by and interacting with others really helps anchor people in their thoughts. So, I guess what I wanted to say was, I don't think I'd be that much help, but it isn't like I don't understand how you are feeling. I generally think I'm an easy person to talk to, but I'm also a bit fleeting in terms of availability. If you'd want to talk anyway, you know how to find me though.
  5. Seems like you have a veritable little group of folk already willing to listen and talk. <3

    Count me in with these few. If you need someone to talk to or to listen, I'm more than willing to offer my ear and time and company. My Skype is always free to hand out (just PM me for it), and we can chat or even have an actual conversation, if you want one (I swear I'm not boring!)


    Sometimes, life just happens, and we find ourselves isolated. It's hardly our fault. The world is a huge, sometimes dominating and domineering presence, and we can't help our circumstances. However, you've done what I would've asked you to do, the only thing you can do: Reach out. You reached out to us, to Iwaku, and you found a hand or some semblance of one willing to squeeze your fingers back. Don't take it for granted! :) We're willing to talk. So... Let's talk, yeah?
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  6. @Hospes @Leif @☆Luna☆ @Seiji Thanks a lot for your responses. I didn't PM any of you because it's hard for me to talk about my problems with unknown people, I just wanted general advice, but it seems like this last step of trying to reach out to people in Iwaku did it. I could contact my best friend, and then later at night I could get my older sister to see me. I'm feeling much better today, except for the fact that his took a toll on my liver and I can hardly eat without vomiting X.x But I'll manage. I prefer this over that dreading feel of loneliness. Again, thank you all.
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