I feel strangely rejuvenated

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So long story short, I just got what was coming to me; a big long rant from someone I know from another forum going into full detail about how much of a terrible person I appear to be. For the first time in ever, I have been made completely aware of all my flaws and weaknesses, something I have been ignorant of since the day I was born. And it feels great. Really great. (but also a little awful)

So great, in fact, that I took that rant, copy-pasted it to a word document, and saved it somewhere that I can easily access it; so that I may read it again and again and never forget those words. They will be my motivation in the coming months (or years, hell if I know) as I try to better myself as a human being, it's just the kind of slap to the face that I need to get started. I feel really confident about this, guys. It feels good to have good to have confidence, it's been so long since I had any that I've forgotten just how good it is.

Also, I must admit I am rather proud of myself for taking such criticism so darn well, as I'm notoriously very bad at taking criticism usually. Countless arguments have been started over that alone; too many, in fact, far, far, too many...

Anyways, wish me the best of luck, guys!

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Not many people can do that :D

Something similar happened to me before, me and my friend got into a slight fight (something SUPER petty, we were trying to fix a program) and we were pointing fingers. On my way to the kitchen I mumble something while walking past him and he's like "you know what?! No! Get yo ass back here"

So in the kitchen he's just raving on me about my flaws, my smartass remarks, etc etc. For like 30 straight minutes o.o

The difference between you and I though, is while you took it to be a better person, I laughed HARD. He was 100% right, but I already know (Most) my flaws and I know exactly what I do, I just find my flaws super funny and I didn't care XD I'm more or less exactly what I want to be. (In fact, I kinda wish I was a bit more care free and "scummy" but it's probably a good thing my limit is where it's at o.o)
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Congratulations on your mark of maturity. As always, if you want to talk, just hit me up on Steam.
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