I feel like the same thing keeps happening to me.

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  1. I feel like all the rps. I've done or going to do. I feel like I've done them before..is that odd.
  2. Maybe you pigeonhole yourself in the same genre without trying anything different?
  3. nope there all different genres.
  4. Just saying, if there's a reason you feel like you've done it all before, there's probably a reason.
  5. Right.
  6. Found out the reason, me being A PERFECTIONIST!
  7. Well, I took a gander at your 1x1 request threads. They're nearly all sexually themed and/or romantically inclined. In terms of genres, this severely limits your options. After all, there's fantasy and operas and science fiction and dystopias and ideological conflicts and so on. When all of your stories are focused near-exclusively on only two genres out of hundreds, you are handicapping yourself, and a lot of stories will feel samey as a result.

    Also keep in mind that romance is one of the two genres that doesn't stand alone. Romance normally needs another genre to lean on as a catalyst and break periods for itself. You can't always go romance 100% of the time: Humans need reprieves from such intense emotions, which is why romances in most stories tend to be side plots, or run as part of a main plot rather than being the main plot. :ferret:

    Just a tip, anyway. Take it or leave it.
  8. I know that.
  9. You know that repeating themes in the romance genre will give you the same result. You know that solely requesting romances, especially ones including pregnancy that read like a shopping list on your resume, will result in the same plot over and over again.

    So, you make a thread about it anyway?

    ...was this whole thread supposed to be a setup for this... punchline? If you're a perfectionist, why does that make your RPs all feel the same? I'm honestly curious. I, and many of the people I RP with, put great amounts of work into their posts and their ideas. Yet, we don't really feel like we're repeating ourselves. We branch into space operas, hard-boiled noir tales, sprawling fantasy epics, and even light-hearted action threads involving supervillains. If your definition of being a perfectionist involves running all of your plots in such a way that they read like carbon copies, perhaps your definition needs a bit of reworking.

    All in all, I'd say maybe take a break from romance and 1x1s, which I say only based on your requests, and try a group RP, or even take more time to better detail exactly what you want out of plot. Variety is the spice of life.
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  10. I'm not saying I do only romance, those pairings are the ones I like to do but I'm opening to do other things, and that's not what I meant...I meant was I like my roleplay searches to be clean and neat, without too many requests cluttering them because I like my partners to pm me.
  11. Try out some jump in rps those are spontaneous and i heard they're fun

    Edit: well this seems resolved actually so never mind me
  12. Do RP's that aren't based around romance.

    Like seriously, no wonder they all feel the same if you keep yourself to one genre.
    Especially one where on Forum RP's it's often just a way of "Cyber dating but not really since it's our characters and not us".
  13. You're an aborted child, trapped in Hell, stuck in an infinite time-loop.
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