I feel like I'm either going to get tackled with love or hated for being gone for so long....

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  1. So... I've had a lot of school and work to deal with and I completely lost track of getting on Iwaku. I feel like such a jerk leaving you ll without any notice T^T I'm so sorryyyy *sobs*
  2. *Tackles MysticalKrystal with love before starting screaming with hate* HOW COULD YOU BE GONE FOR SO LONG, I HATE YOU EVEN THOUGH I BARELY REMEMBER ANYTHING ABOUT YOU. BUT THAT'S YOUR FAULT.
    *Lies on MysticalKrystal's knees and holds her down on the ground*
    You shall never leave us again, Neeeeeveeeeer
  3. O.o oh gosh, all the tackles from redblood ^^ thank you for making me feel loved <3
    And Vay D: you don't remember me at all???? I did used to go by the name niomi takashi but I changed it to Krystal tokko.
  4. Hhehehe, I never forgets an avatar!!! x)
    But I have been trying to remember if we have roleplayed or not and if we have talked to each other or just seen each other in the forum topics xD But I know that I have seen you around on the forum xD hahahaha
    *Memory like a goldfish*

    You had good timing coming back just when we got a site change :3
  5. Tell me about it xD I'm not sure if we RP together before or not but I'd love to do a RP with you now if you want ^^ I'm always up for a good story x3
  6. I am in need of more partners so sure. Do you have a roleplay resume? It seems like they haven't fixed so people can see them yet ^^' We could send each other each other's roleplay resumes in private messages and then brain storm some ideas? :3
  7. Well welcome back! And don't worry, school comes first before everything :D.
  8. I'll see if I can manage finding my RP resume. And thank you cosmos for the welcome x3