I feel brainless

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  1. A comidian once said that women's brains are like DSL while men's are dial-up. Yea, that's probably true.

    And so begins a plethora of randatstic-conjoining of random and fantastic-shit that's on my mind at 7:42 AM.

    /Static... more static... Loading complete./

    What will I have for breakfast after I wake up at 6 PM? Is that really breakfast, or would it be considered dinner even though that's the time I wake up and begin my day/night?

    If I make my Asian friend blush does he turn orange rather than red? And what's up with the freaking umpa-loompa's? Too many carrots, I guess. Some freak accident of Jaundice.

    What's my home country like now after the civil war stopped? I bet it still looks fantastic.

    Speaking of fantastic; I know A LOT of fantastic people.

    I don't have an accent everyone else around me has one. Pshaw, silly people.

    How much more fantastic can I get? And is the word fantastic even the correct word to use when describing myself? There should be another level above that.

    Everyone says their "boss" at something, but why not be professional at it? Bosses can be bosses but lack professionalism. I'm totally a pro at being me.

    After watching the tier one web series' on Slender man/Zalgo graphic effects seem to be lacking in tier's two through three. I bet I could make a pretty badass web series. I should do that.

    /Static interruption, musings cut out./