I enjoy roleplay.

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  1. I really, really do. Unfortunately, it's a bit difficult for me to force myself into taking the initiative to actually throw myself out there and join things. I'm always so worried that I'll screw up in one way or another and somehow inconvenience people, and that's something I never want to do. To ruin someone else's good time would just tear me up, so I just sit back and watch things happen. I barely even try to involve myself in conversations unless I'm directly addressed. Really, the scheduled roleplay in the Chatbox is the only thing I've managed to get myself to do so far, and even then I could have done it better.

    At this point, I'm more or less whining about something I could put some effort into and try to change about myself, but I feel getting this out there will help me. I've always felt better about issues after sharing them with others, for some reason, ever since [truncated for length]

    That's about it. I'm just unreasonably shy when it comes down to it. Is this at all common?
  2. Stop worrying and just play!

    It actually IS super common. For some reason we start developing complexes over playing. D: Whether it's because we fear people are gonna hate us and that we're gonna make a mistake, or because bad experiences has made us wary to try stuff.

    But in the end, you just have to jump in and play and enjoy it for what it is!
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  3. Well, knowing it's not just some oddity I experience is comforting. Thank you very much for the response, Diana; I'll attempt to give it a try and just jump out there. Hopefully I can do this right.
  4. I completely agree with Diana i am new on here and every now and then i find i am second guessing myself.
    You just have to jump in and go for it trust once you do there will be no turning back. The really nice thing about it also i find helps me Because is that your not writing about you its some one else.
    Have fun and enjoy.
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  5. go for it!
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  6. Truthfully, I felt the exact same way when joining this site! It's kind of like getting in a freezing pool- you can inch your way in slowly, or you can dive in and thrash about until you're used to it. I took the latter on a previous site- and yes, I thrashed about and made a fool of myself. 'Ts a learning experience. The great thing about this site is that people don't seem to care whether or not you can swim- there's a kiddy pool *and* a deep end that accepts anyone. So, come on in! The water's fine.
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  7. I remember back when I first started RPing. I was terrible - looking back on it, I wonder how I ever thought my responses were acceptable. In fact, I've still got an enormous amount to learn.
    But, it's all about the people you do it with. Keep going for a while, make some friends, have some laughs. Iwaku's community's like a great big internet family. Yes, we have our disagreements, but I've yet to see a site where complete strangers can feel completely at home. Even if you do screw up, the most that'll happen is someone'll nudge you in the right direction.

    That aside, if you're still feeling nervous, I'd recommend having a shot at the Creative Challenges. You'll be exercising your creativity, and the only person who'll be inconvenienced is you - as you'll be the one typing it all up.