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  1. A rp based on the popular comic made by "Chibby-Works" on deviantart. A comic you should check out. i eat pasta for breakfast by Chibi-Works on DeviantArt

    Anyways, back onto business.

    You are one of many on a prison transport bus. Well, not a normal one. This transport vehicle seems to have been customized to handle you and your fellow prisoners' "unique" abilities.

    And you were released from whatever holding cell at wherever you were held at, into the custody of a strange group of people calling themselves. "Hunters." People who apparently want you and any of your "kind" dead. As stated by them, but rather than administering a means of death upon you, they claim you have to go to a special place in order for that to happen.

    And we can't have that now can we?

    So a particular group of individuals were given a heads up of your current situation. And have decided to lend a helping hand.

    And they're not what you expect.

    Essentially, in the RP. Which by the way, isn't completely canon with the comic series made by Chibby-Works. Back onto business. Your character along with everyone else's, will be contacted by Stripes, Zalgo's child or by Slendy himself, your choice. And you have to make a decision.. You can either join the Zalgoid side, and reclaim Lazari from the other CPs she is with. Or join the other side and prevent Stripes' team from reclaiming Lazari.

    Hair C:
    Eye C:
    Weapons: What they would use had their weapons not have been taken away.
    Relations: In order words, has your character heard of the rest prisoners or of certain legends..?
    Side note:

    Main character List - The characters that do need to be played by someone. And do make suggestions.
    Slender-Man -
    Jeff -
    Jane - Rae Rae
    Ben -
    Eyeless Jack -
    Laughing Jack -
    Masky -
    Toby -
    Hoody -
    The Rake -
    Zalgo -
    Stripes -
    Bleeding Man -
    Rodger -
    Lulu -
    Lazari -


    1: Be respectful
    2: No Mary Sues/Gary Sues.
    3: This is more of a suggestion, do make long posts.
    4: We know life does throw a curveball, but do let everyone know if you can't post or do anything.

    Now that most of everything has been covered.

    Do have fun!

    Here's a little story teaser.

    [Location: United States - Unknown. Time: 8:00 PM. Temperature: 60'F ]
    It was raining heavily at the holding facility in the middle of nowhere. But, no bad weather was going to stop the large group of men from transporting a line of people. The ones that didn't require more means of containing. As obvious by when a flatbed truck showed up with two large cages. One rattled as something tossed itself around inside of it. Like an animal trying to escape from a trap it was caught in. The other cage had someone who merely kept trying to pull the bars apart, but their efforts were in vain, for the cages were made from something stronger than iron.

    "How much longer til they're onboard and we're on our way?" One of the guards asked the other. He sounded young. "A few minutes or so.....They need to secure the freaks in the cages first." The second guard responded in a gruff aged voice. "Why are those ones in cages?" A third guard walked over. The second merely responded with. "Because, those ones are the type you can't leave unattended when in a straight jacket. We lost a large number of good men securing them. Which covers the overall number it took to capture the both of them." He finished, looking over the line now. "Don't worry, you all caused trouble for us." He called out to the people in the lines.

    A fourth guard walked up the other three.

    "Was the package secured?" A feminine voice said to them. "The freaks in the cages. Almost." Guard one responded, but the fourth guard merely shook her head. "No. The package." The way she said that jolted the guard's memory.

    "Oh. Him. He's secure. Quite easily, as if he was allowing us to contain him. I think he has something planned." The third guard gave the guard's head a smack. "You're just paranoid. Just relax. Once they get them all onboard, we won't have to deal with the likes of them ever again." With that little comment made, the guards merely nodded in agreement.

    A few moments later, the prisoners were onboard the transport, and on their way to who knows where.

    All the while, a figure merely watched. "Let the games begin."
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  2. Oh, forgot to add. But you can also choose to not be a CP so to speak. You can be someone who was just at the wrong place at the wrong time, brought into this little adventure.
  3. I think mate, that you haven't really explained what the RP is. It sounds interesting, but I cannot what the heck this RP is about.
  4. Just looked. Didn't save my second edit. I do apologize for any inconvenience.
  5. Appearance: [​IMG]
    Name: Shade Nightingale
    Alias: Sonnet
    Race: Caucasian
    Age: 18
    Hair C: Black
    Eye C: Green
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Height: 5' 11"
    Weapons: [​IMG]
    If she didn't have her cane sword, then she would use her singing voice.
    Abilities: Singing voice that stops hearts, able to play the piano, fantastic actress, never able to die or be harmed, can never age
    Disabilities: Half of her face is grotesquely scarred and has to keep her mask on
    Personality: Gentle, funny, dramatic, persuasive, elegant, charming, impatient
    Relations: Shade is new to the Creepypasta world after she was created by an artist, who she then slaughtered
    Side note: She hates being made fun of for being new, originally a drawing, or for having half of her face disfiguered

    Is this good? @The Outsider
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  6. Sweet! Still got it lol!
  7. Appearance
    -0thU5AZ3NJL - Copy.jpg

    Name: Unknown
    Alias: Comedy, The Smiling Masked Man
    Race: Modified Human
    Age: Legal - 27 Biological - 20
    Hair C: Brown
    Eye C: Entire eyes are a grayish color
    Weight: 200 Ibs
    Height: 7'0 ft.
    Weapons: Machete
    Homemade bow and arrow

    Abilities: Regeneration [Said regen does allow him to return from the point of death. But, takes longer if what killed him was something like an explosion or being ripped apart.], and no aging. Made possible by experimentation and microscopic parasites that also maintain muscle mass. And also because of experimentation, he has near inhuman strength, stamina and speed. As well as heightened senses.
    Disabilities: While regen does sound awesome, it is slow. But Comedy can speed it up at the cost of personal energy. Infact, it can cause him to pass out if he does that too much. Making every decision to heal mid battle a severe one to make. He is prone to intense hallucinations triggered by certain unknown things. And since his senses are heightened. He can hear certain sounds that humans can't hear normally, infact it can be his undoing when someone uses a dog whistle or something similar. Also, due to the experimentation and surgeries, his face was deformed. And damaged his vocal cords, so that he couldn't speak with words. But having to resort to growl or groan to communicate.
    Personality: Comedy is usually the quiet, humble, "isolate self" type of person. He dislikes being the center of attention, going as far as actively isolating himself. But, he will reach out and help someone if they're hurt in more ways than one. Even acting as a surrogate brother to certain people.
    Relations: He only caught small stories about tall faceless pale men and eyeless cannibals from campers who had unfortunately set up near his home. And since he pretty much lived in the middle of nowhere for about 15 years, he doesn't know of any of the other prisoners. Save for Wendigo.

    2nd Character


    Name: Unknown
    Alias: Wendigo
    Race: Formerly human - Constructed Organism. In other words, like Frankenstein's monster.
    Age: 19 years of age. Not biologically, but that is how long it had been since he was made.
    Hair: Brown with hints of grey
    Eye C: Dead white. Reported to glow purple when frenzied.
    Weight: 120 Ibs
    Height: [Standing] 6'9 [Crouched or hunched over] 4'5
    Weapons: None. He uses his claws and teeth.
    Abilities: When not frenzied, Wendigo is forced to use echolocation to find prey because of his blindness. The echolocation does allow him to "see" things that'd normally be missed by someone with normal sight and he has heightened senses to can also allow him to sniff out prey as well.. And despite looks, he can perform acts of extreme agility and strength, endurance that can allow him to survive near fatal wounds. He also seems to be able to 'charm' animals into doing his bidding. As well as communicate with them.
    Disabilities: As mentioned, Wendigo is blind as a bat. And thus relies on echolocation to see. But this can be disrupted with too many sounds. And even with heightened endurance. He can only handle a certain amount of damage before having to feed to heal. He also has a intense fear of lakes and oceans.
    Personality: Wild, almost feral like. Some would say Wendigo is a wild creature with no mind. He does have a mind, it's just the fact he is not well educated and the way he survived off of the land for years made him that way. He can speak. But it's garbled and chopped up so to speak. And he speaks in 3rd person, for anyone as well. "Wendigo smell prey. Wendigo eat prey soon." [EX =>] "Lisa no like blood. Messy, Lisa say." He does show a animal like curiosity. Even going as far as sniffing or getting close to people and examine them. Or mimicking words or actions.
    Relations: Wendigo has met Comedy before in the Alaskan wilderness. The latter saving Wendigo from a group of armed individuals. This encounter paved the way to a form of friendship. Due to his low intelligence, Wendigo hasn't heard of any legends or of the other prisoners.
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  8. First character:

    Spoiler (open)

    Name: Jane Arkensaw
    Alias: Jane the Killer
    Race: Mutilated Human
    Age: 21 Years Old
    Hair C: Black
    Eye C: Black
    Weight: 110 lbs
    Height: 5'3" tall
    Weapons: a Kitchen Knife
    Abilities: (Don't know if she has any, I couldn't find it.)
    Disabilities: Jane Arkensaw's parents was killed when she was 10 years old by Jeff the Killer leaving her for wanting to get her revenge on him and giving her a schizophrenic disease that makes her visualize her victims as Jeff the Killer.
    Personality: Jane the Killer has Schizophrenia causing her to visualize her victims as Jeff the Killer, She plans on getting her revenge on Jeff but first she must escape captivity, Has this captivity drawn her farther or close to her revenge? Or maybe this Captivity would draw the two closer to eachother, who knows? What once was a sweet girl has now gone "insane in the membrane" so to say.
    Relations: Jeff the Killer, that's the only one she knows here.

  9. Rae Amalia Rose
    Safara the Demon

    Spoiler (open)

    Possessed Human
    18 Years Old
    Dark Brown Hair
    Chocolate Brown Eyes
    109 lbs
    5'1" tall
    Bush Hog Machete (open)

    Tactical Boot Knife (open)

    Abilities: Being Possessed by a demonic spirit that disguises it'self inside of an adorable young, fragile looking young woman, Safara chose quite the right kind of host to confuse her enemies, Even though the Rae looks fragile, Safara isn't, Safara grants Rae telepathic powers, able to use this telepathy to put herself out of harms way, but telepathy isn't the only power Safara has been known to use, Safara has also been known as the Pyromaniac demon, able to spawn a fire with a snap of the finger and light things ablaze.
    Disabilities:Safara only shows in Rae whenever Rae is either in dangered, angry, or nervous or scared.
    Personality: Rae is actually sweet, nice, and loving to the ones she calls friends, she's very helpful and trustworthy, but Safara is a different story, Safara when summoned is a fearless, Manic, demon that causes destruction and death almost every time she's awakened.
    Relations: Ray Rose has never heard or met any of the other creepypastas, and vice versa.
    Side note:
    "Don't do that, You'll deeply regret it."
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  10. Nice and approved!
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