I drank too much coffee and now I feel sick.

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  1. I can have -A- cup of coffee. One. A single cup of coffee and I feel great. Any more than that and Diana always feels woozy, barfy and kinda drunk. t_____t I made that mistake this morning and now I feel sick.

    What are some things that you really enjoy, but every time you eat them/do them you you feel all BLERGH afterwards? D:
  2. ^ I get the same with coffee. .___. It hurts. D: Go lay down, Diana-sans!

    Lots of cereal makes me feel sick.
    The smell of cauliflower makes me feel sick, but I like eating it. D:
    Asparagus makes me feel sick. Use to like it.
    I love salmon. But one time I had it, it wasn't done right.. and I felt sick to my stomach for days. :c so now I'm weary around it..
    I get tummy aches easily, though..
  3. SHRIMPS. I love them, so much! ;_; but if I eat too many my belly gets mad at me and I am shunned to my bed for a few hours. Also cotton candy.
  4. Nuts, for some reason if consumed in small amount, it's ok. But if I have it in huge amount aka one small packet, then I'll have allergic reactions.
  5. I'm quite similar with coffee actually. The same thing happens with energy drinks. I think it has alot to do with the fact that I abused caffiene heavily during my all nighters in high school.

    However, I can drink as much tea as I want and not feel sick. If you need a real kick in the morning and want to stay away from coffee I highly recommend Irish Breakfast tea, it doesn't taste like ash the way English does, and it perks you right up. Then for the rest of the day I usually switch over to green.
  6. I can't drink hot tea first then when I wake up. ;___; It makes me feel even sicker than coffee!

    Yet, I can drink it all day once I am already good and awake. D:< GO FIGURE.
  7. Well... the milk and all that is entirely a different problem, but I do miss it sometimes...

    Chocolate/candies/sweets. I can have a little bit but I usually can't even finish a slice of cake without feeling nauseated. Also, I love pears and pineapple but eating a lot of either makes my stomach burn and I feel sick. x____x
  8. Besides my struggle with junk food, sometimes I drink too much milk and it comes back to get me later. I prefer to drink tea, it has little adverse affects for me.

    I didn't drink any coffee today maybe I should have

    x.x *dies*
  9. Eating Breakfast. I can't eat anything until at least noon, or else I feel sick.

    I also can't drink too much milk, chocolate or not. It makes me feel so sick that I have to go sleep it off.

    Chocolate is the worst though.
    If I eat chocolate ANYTHING, I feel so sick.
    Which sucks, cause i love chocolate D:

    Edit: Oh, and Watermelon. Whether it be flavouring or the actual fruit, the smell just mass me sick and the taste makes it worse.

    Edit2: Cherries and cherry flavoured anything.

    Grapes. Grape flavouring is fine, but actual grapes make me feel sick :/
  10. Ugh, grape flavored things. I can eat actual grapes, but it's the artificial flavor that makes me immediately gag.

    As a child, I drank an entire bottle of grape-flavored dimetap (sp?), a cold medicine for children. Mom called poison control, they said to give me ipecac... long story short, I vomited grape all night. Totally traumatized.
  11. Eating pizza usually makes me sick, though probably because whenever we have pizza I stuff my face. :{ drinking pop is an entirely different problem; a few sips and I feel like a Macy's thanksgiving day balloon. Not a very pleasant sensation. Spaghettios have a similar effect, sadly.
  12. Eggs, unless they are hard boiled or cooked into something.
    Fast food. Actually, anything greasy at all.
    Ice cream. I eat it anyway, dammit.

  13. I was blessed with an iron-clad stomach. So there is basically nothing I can't eat.

    I usually regret drinking hard liquor though, it's not so much the booze as it goes down so easy I end up drinking way too much > <
  14. Pancakes and Waffles.

    I can't do it. I really can't. It's like eating bread and tree sap with high sodium butter. SO GOOD BUT OH GAWD NO! D:
  15. Sweets, chocolates, if there's too much of it.
    Eggs unless its omelet or hard boiled.
    Iced tea, because they taste odd and sometimes it tastes like vomit.

    I used to have a diet that doesn't allow me to eat oily foods, pork, some fruits and vegetables because of a certain inherited disease. But after a month we stopped from that but it made me avoid some foods that I used to like. Out of habit. :err: