I don't think we're in Elemia anymore, Shurelia

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  1. To clear up any and all confusion up front, the title is just a reference to both Wizard of Oz, and Ar tonelico: The Melodies of Elemia, from which my namesake originates from. I am new to this site, but rather experienced in roleplay. I'd rather not go spouting off my life story or something right now, so you can just read what info I have up about me in the... uh, 'about me' section of my profile. And whoa, this thing has an auto saver... that's super convenient.

    Anyway, hope to roleplay/meet/hang out with you guys soon and all that stuff. But until then, I'll just lurk and wait to get my six posts, because until then, I imagine I'm rendered mostly useless.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku. Name is Tenchi 83 *turns invisible*
  3. Hello, Tenchi. Thanks for the welcome. Now excuse me whilst I casually coat myself in mud and lay still over here in a puddle.
  4. Mind humoring me? I just need a few posts more.
  5. I would but zi'm waiting for the staff to greet you first. But sure *kicks him in the back, holding his invisibility*
  6. Ha, well. Might as well occupy my time until then. -stumbled forward upon receiving the kick- Can we get some sort of Macabre dance going on right now? -randomly flings mud-
  7. Not useless at all! 8D You can still post, roleplay and do anything! You'd just not have access to private messages, blogs, or chats yet.

    Also, welcome to the community! >:3
  8. Go for it *watches from the trees*
  9. Regardless, this is my sixth (the actual fourth is off somewhere else in the forums). So. :3

    Thank you, thank you.
  10. heya! welcome to the forums bro hope you have a interesting time here
  11. Ello there :3 cookie? *offers one* Hope you have a fun time here ^^

    Also, I'm a nosey git and looked up Ar tonelico and I'm now sad I never had a PS2 because it looks interesting x3
    I'll call you

  13. I shall call you Ly! Welcome to Iwaku! My name is Rina and if you need anything just ask! There are lots of people that would be happy to help.
  14. I am a Knight, too. Actually an ex knight after I started drinking and was cast out of the kingdom..but that is another story for another time

    So anyway.....we just met in the Cbox!! Welcome to the Iwaku!

    Let us know if you have any questions!

    I need to sleep now.
  15. Rina: Quit trying to steal my friends D:

    Also welcome and I hope you enjoy this place as much as I do.
  16. I am not trying to steal them. I am trying to be nice and friendly, I want friends too, yah feel meh mah Niggahhh?
  17. Well considering I am Mexican, no not at all
  18. ok ok -mimics a Mexican- Orale Wey, comprade sabes lo que digo? IS THAT GOOD ENOUGH?!?!
  19. Are you trying to sound rascist cause I can start the whole flirthy Puerto Rican thing if you really want to go in that direction