I don't think my banners are going through

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  1. I don't think my banners are going through, I had one in for a week and it had no clicks and no impressions. I removed it and added a new one, but it still doesn't have an expiration date or anything.

    Here is the banner:

    Is it not approved or is there something I am doing wrong?

    UPDATE: The two commenters below quickly answered my question and I thank them much. This has been resolved. :)
  2. If your banner was approved, you would have received an automated PM from @Diana letting you know that your banner is up. While it's in the rotation, the data that you're referring to only updates once every period of time (the length of which I don't recall), so you may not see the clicks and impressions up to date. :o
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  3. Normally Diana will send you a pm saying you're improved. Otherwise It'll take a while for it to show up for others so you'll just have to be patient :) If I'm not mistaken, the longer its up the more frequently it'll appear. It also depends on how many ads are in rotation. But as Samster had pointed out: the information should update every hour ^^
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  4. Just to add in here, when the ad does get approved, you can go to "My Ads" in your profile dropdown when you mouse over your account at the top, or here.

    It will show you your Impressions, Clicks, and CTR, or click-through-rate, which is basically the percentage of times someone sees the ad and clicks it.
  5. @Diana Not to nag, because I have no idea what all you do and thus cannot know how busy you are, but when should I anticipate a potential approval?
  6. Diana has not been online since last Monday, and we aren't sure when she'll be back. Tagging her won't help since she doesn't get online to see it. Once she is back she will most likely try to catch up on everything she has missed, which will include the roleplay banners approval. Until then, be patient.

    For now I would suggest you make an advertise thread instead in the roleplay advertise section.
  7. @redblood And again I make an ass of myself. Thank you for the reply, I hope everything is alright with Diana. (Or if she's on vacation or something that she's enjoying it.)
  8. I was sick and apologize for the long wait time! @____@ Banners will be getting approved today!
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