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    Doing the same plot or pairings over and over again.

    I started my new search added some pairings I thought were really really interesting, added some new plots and then about 15 minutes later we have the same exact roleplay from 3 people, it's either princess x knight this or arranged marriage that or even vampires over and over. I'm fine with, if the person enjoys it fine but lately it just gets really one note and when I try interject my own ideas or a different way to do it, they don't like and try to go close to the plan they originally did in the beginning. So what should I do?, what pairings or story plots are like this for you?, and how do you deal with someone or some people who want to do the same things over and over again.​
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  2. Just... do what you want. Advertise the stories that you want to do. Trying to please other people might get you more RP's, but, what's the point if you don't enjoy them?

    If you have more niche tastes then it might be harder to find partners, but, I mean... I guess you'll just have to keep looking. There's no point in doing an RP that you don't like just because you think it'll be a popular idea. :/ And if you don't like a certain idea or you're tired of it, then don't say you're looking for RP's that center around that idea.
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  3. If you don't feel like doing a pairing or you're tired of it, take it out of your ad

    If you're bored of the stereotypical ways people do it, suggest new ideas.
  4. I personally can't do the vampire/human/werewolf pairing. When I think about it, it gives me anxiety because I've done it so much over the years. I don't mind taking one of those pairings to do something entirely separate but them as a whole. In the same universe, story, no. Can't do it. I would tell potential partners that at the moment I'm not interested in doing certain pairings with the suggestion of something else.

    I think you should talk with your partners. Tell them how you feel. Hopefully, they will understand. If not, there are plenty of other people on here who will be willing to brainstorm with you on a pairing you both can enjoy. Don't do something just to please someone else. You'll end up hating it. You should have fun when you roleplay. You and your partner.
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  5. Be firm. If someone wants to play something you feel you have enough of, suggest something else, or decline them and wish them luck. It may take a while to find more interested parties, or it may not. Try out the new advertising banners if you're worried you won't attract anyone. If your banner looks nice and your thread looks nice too, then you'll get someone, for sure!
    For me, I discovered too late that my character, Rare, can become INCREDIBLY popular because she's pretty, she's disabled, and people want to save her. I ended up with six RPs about her before people started to drop off. In the few situations where people misunderstood the setting, we parted ways amicably by talking it over.
    I simply tell them "I'm sorry, I'm not looking for that plot anymore, but haven't had a chance to move it to my retired idea list. Do any of my other plots catch your eye? [PLOT NAME] is quite similar, though it has a few differences."

    If they insist, I assume they must have something amazing and hear them out, but I make them no promises. Assuming I like it as much as they seem to think I will, I'll make an exception. If the story isn't to my liking, I reiterate that no, I'm not interested, and give a tactful and (mostly) honest reason if one is asked. I do my best to avoid causing hurt feelings in others, so I try to stick with "I" statements instead of "you" statements.

    If they move on, I simply wish them luck with their search and go back to my own.
  6. Personally, I think generic pairings are kind of a crappy thing most of the time because it feels super uninspired.

    Usually, I talk about a setting, theme, or franchise and talk with a partner about what kinds of characters they want to play while pitching my own ideas and characters and mutually building a game from it. It's better than trying to force yourself to make a character around a fixed archetype, and I'd much rather flesh out a general plot first so there's actually a point to the game instead of fumbling with it after the fact.