I Don't Know Why These Things Happen... They Just Do...

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Ragdoll removed her shoes, her leggings, her cincher, and the bow in her hair, leaving a skirt and an undershirt on. She layed the sheet out on the couch, set the pillow on the arm, and laid down. She curled up in the blanket and slowly drifted off into a sleep. She slept dreamlessly and much more peacefully than she had in quite a while.

When Tori walked in, Ragdoll was awake, and sitting up on the couch, watching TV. She had the volume very quiet, as not to wake Tori up. The news was on, the body of the man she'd murdered had been found, the police didn't have a single clue as to a suspect, but they said it seemed related to many of the previous murders, which also gave no clues.

When she spoke, Ragdoll jumped a bit, startled. "Oh, yeah," she said. She stood and walked into the kitchen, stretching a bit. "Did you sleep well?" she asked pleasantly.
The voice of the reporter on TV caught her attention as she filled up the coffee pot. "I didn't mean to startle you," Tori said as she thought about how to answer Ragdoll's question. "I had a dream that woke me up. I killed someone," she murmured and turned toward the maker, slipping the pot in then turning it on. " I have a weird feeling when I think about," a hand was placed on Tori's stomach. "Right there. Its like a desire." Her eyes showed that she was scared of the feeling, but as quickly as the emotion was there, it was gone. "How did you sleep?"
"It's fine, I'm just kinda jumpy," she said with a little laugh. She looked at Tori, sort of worried as the scared look came into her eyes, she was going to say something, bu suddenly the look was gone, and she didn't want to push the issue. "I slept well," Ragdoll said. "Better than I have in a really long time, in fact. Thank you for letting me stay here."
Tori tilted her head slightly with a small smirk on her face. "We are going to partners in crime. I figured you staying here would be the best possible thing," she chuckled and handed Ragdoll a coffee cup. "As far as I am concerned, from this point on anything here is also yours." After waiting a few more minutes, Tori grabbed the pot, pouring some coffee in each cup "I have creamer in the fridge, help yourself." She took a sip of coffee and headed to the couch, settling down in front of the TV.
Ragdoll smiled gratefully, "Thanks," she said again. She took her coffee cup and set it down on the counter while she opened the fridge and grabbed the creamer. She poured a little into the coffee then put it back. "Where's the sugar?" She asked, looking at Tori as she sat down on the couch.
"Its in the jar by the stove," Tori said flatly as she leaned forward engaged in the news as it continued to relate the story of the murder the night before. "You did that?" she asked with amazement in her voice. "No one catches you?" It was unbelievable. This girl killed people, didn't know, and never got caught. That was the moment she knew her revenge was going to work.
Ragdoll added a generous amount of sugar into her coffee then waltzed into the living room and sat beside Tori. She nodded. "Ever..." Honestly, she wished someone would. She didn't quite like the feeling of being a murderer. She'd turn herself in, but she didn't really want to stay in prison for the rest of her life either...
"Are you sure you want to go through with this?" Tori asked softly and turned towards Ragdoll. "You can start over, we can save up for surgery, and you can start trying to have a life." She nodded and smiled reassuringly. "I don't want to force you into anything. Honestly, you're turning into my friend" she said softly then looked away.
Ragdoll grinned when Tori said they were turning into friends. She knew just what to say, "I had a friend in middle school once who always said she would help me bury a body if I needed it. I think that sort of applies here. Maybe afterward, we could do that, but I know you really want to avenge you sister."
Tori laughed and kinda of leaned against Ragdoll. "Well as soon as this is over, we will move away some where and start all over," she grins "a start to a beautiful friendship!" Tori giggled.
Ragdoll grinned. "Sounds like a great idea."

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Tori laughed. "well I'm going to get a shower then we can head out, deal?" she smiled and got up off the couch. After awhile, Tori came back into the living room, drying her hair with a towel. "I figured we could go to the store to get knives first." She shrugged then threw her towel onto the washer. Suddenly, there was a pounding on the door. Tori opened it a crack and looked out to see her boss. "What was that you pulled last night? You just leave?" He snapped. "Lewis, please, not now." She began closing the door but he stopped it with his foot. "I'm tired of your immature little games. Thinking you own the place" Tori leaned her head against the door as he continued talking. "You probably brought someone home. I never should expect more out of you. You're just a liar. Don't expect me to let you work your next shift." "Okay. I won't" she grumbled. He finally left and Tori slammed the door. "He will let me work." She nods "I have my ways."
Ragdoll nodded. "Yeah, that works," she said. While Tori was in the shower, she watched TV, mindlessly flipping through channels, pausing every once in a while to watch something for a moment, then flipping again. When Tori came back, Ragdoll looked up at her as she spoke. "Yeah that makes since. We'll only need two right? One for each--?" Her attention snapped to the knocking at the door. She watched curiously as Tori and her boss spoke. When their argument was over, she tilted her head to the side. "I'm guessing that was your boss. Where do you work?"
"I agree. Only two." She locked the door, making sure that no one would come back. "Yeah, that was Lewis. I work at that trashy club down on the boulevard. I'm one of the dancers." Tori picked up her pack of cigarettes, thought a moment, then put it back down. "He and I had a fling. I can do anything I want, get fired, then get my job back immediately as long as I stay with him for a night, if you know what I mean." Sighing she sat down next to Ragdoll. "It isn't the most moral life, and I'm not proud of myself. Its how I live though."
Ragdoll shrugged. "You do what you can to stay on your feet. Makes sense to me." She said. She pulled on her leggings and put her bow on her head, then started lacing up her boots, which took quite some time, but not as long as the cincher. She sighed and stood when she finished and turned the TV off. "I'll tell you, it's Hell dressing like this..." she said as she brushed herself off. "Well, should we go ahead and hit it?" she asked, looking outside at the already busy streets.
"Then why dress like that?" She laughed slightly as she pushed herself off the couch and gathered her purse. "Don't you get strange looks?" Tori asked wearily, scared to offend Ragdoll. "Do you have another name?" Opening the door she allowed her friend to head out first, before closing and locking her apartment.
She shrugged. "I dunno. Looks cool, I guess, and yeah, I get strange looks, but I'd get those anyway." She laughed a bit. "My real name's Krissy... I don't use it though," she said as she stepped out of Tori's apartment.
"Aww that's cute. I really like that." Tori smiled brightly. "If you wish I can just continue calling you Ragdoll." She shrugged and began walking to the store. Many people glanced at Ragdoll with fear, parents pulled their kids away. Glancing over at her friend she felt sad for her. At that point, she was determined to make her life better, somehow. Once at the store, she looked through the glass cases. "which one do you like?"
She smiled, "You can call me Krissy if you want."

As they walked to the store, she kept her head down, keeping her eyes on her feet, trying to keep to herself as much as possible. When they reached the store, she began looking through the glass cases. She found one that could be very easily flipped open, close to a switch blade. It was wider though, with a shiny silver handle, and the bottom of the blade was serrated. She pointed to it. "I like that one," she said, smiling sadistically, looking somewhat like a kid in a candy store for a second. But just as soon as the look was there, it was gone, and she looked like she always did.