I Don't Know Why These Things Happen... They Just Do...

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  1. "Have you ever pressed a cool silver blade against the blue vein of someone's milk white neck and watched their warm scarlet blood spring up merrily to the surface, only to trickle down and slowly pool onto the floor? I have... My name is Ragdoll, and I am completely innocent..."

    It was late. Around midnight. The usually busy streets of the city were deserted, and the blue-silver light of the full moon cast dark shadows everywhere. The soft clicking of heels could be heard, echoing through the alleyways and streets, seeming as loud as an explosion in the silence of the night. A girl was walking alone down the quiet streets. The footsteps heard were hers. She was wearing knee-high leather boots, thigh high black stockings with little read bows on them, a rather short red plaid skirt, and a red and black cincher. Mascara ran down her face, it was obvious that she had been crying. She was wearing black lip stick and her cheeks were carved into a sadistic smile, which had been crudely sewn shut with thick black stitches. There was a shiny red bow in her short black hair, the color red that matched the thick warm blood dripping from the shiny silver switchblade in her hand. She looked confused, and even with the gruesome scene: completely innocent.
  2. Tori leaned against the wall in the alley behind The Cave, the club she worked at, while on break. A cigarette hung loosely between her lips as her black tipped acrylic nails tapped away on her phone. The night was cool against her skin and the slight breeze tousled her long chocolate brown hair. Her clothes couldn't really be considered clothes since only the completely necessary parts were hidden. Tori glanced down the alley as the click of heels echoed. Shaking her head, she ignored the figure that passed by until she took a quick second look "what the hell?" she muttered as she dropped her cigarette and quietly peeked around the corner. Her brown eyes widened with fright at the girl she saw walking down the street.
  3. Ragdoll didn't notice. She was too busy trying to figure out how to get away. She didn't know how this happened. She was scared. It had happened more than once, and she never really remembered all the details about it. She'd never been caught. She'd never been seen... She tried to keep to herself... I mean the scars on her face was already made people look at her weird. Now she was a murderer, but not by choice. Suddenly, she stopped, and looked at the blade in her hand. 'I should get rid of this,' she thought. 'I already have enough blood on my hands... Litereally,' she noted, looking at the blood dripping from her fingers. Quickly, she dropped the switchblade. It hit the ground with a loud eerie clang that ran through the night. Then she started running.
  4. Tori trailed this strange figure down the street. She gasped softly when she saw the streetlights catch the shine of the blade that had just been dropped. Curiosity continued to urge her forward until she was standing over the blood stained blade. With wide eyes she looked down the street as the person ran wondering what had just happened but fearing for the worst. "maybe I can do something," Tori said aloud as she thoughtlessly picked up the blade and trotted down the street hoping the person would stop even if it was just for a moment.
  5. She heard the footsteps of Tori, and turned around for a moment to see who was following her. She noticed that Tori had picked up the blade, and her teary brown eyes widened in fear. Fear of being caught. Fear of questions. Fear of what might happen to her. And despite the very tall heels she was wearing, she started running. Sort of a jog at first, but then as her fear progressed, she started to run more and more quickly, terrified of what might be the outcome of the situation.
  6. "Hey!" Tori called out once ragdoll started running again. "I'm not going to hurt you," her voice faded as she stopped going after the girl. Instead her attention focused on the blade. The blood had begun getting on her fingers and there was something intriguing about it. Tori lifted her hand to her nose and sniffed. The notion to taste it finally urged her to. Slowly she reached her tongue out and tasted the iron of the blood. Her nose wrinkled up at the unpleasant taste but what frightened her was this weird fascination she was beginning feel.
  7. Presently, Ragdoll stopped. For many reasons. Firstly, her feet were very tired, secondly the woman said that she wouldn't hurt her, which meant Ragdoll was obviously easily inclined to trust someone, and thirdly, she heard the the woman's footsteps stop. She turned around and saw Tori standing there, watching the blood run down her hand in what seemed like a trance. She took a few steps forward, then finally walked straight up to Tori, watching her carefully as her tongue snaked out and tasted the blood. 'Odd,' thought Ragdoll, 'But of course, not the worst I've seen... Nt that I can remembr the worst I've seen...'
  8. When Ragdoll's figure came into sight, Tori stopped staring at her hand. She startled a bit when she saw the girl's face and for a moment, Tori stood there motionless, in shock. Taking a deep breathe she forced herself to talk. "Many things happen in this city but you, you're a new one," she said as she took in the somewhat frightening appearance of the girl standing in front of her. "What did you do?" Tori asked wearily not sure if she really wanted to know.
  9. She stayed quiet for a moment, sort of scared. But eventually, she spoke, "I didn't do it on purpose." Her voice was very quiet when she spoke. Just above a whisper. Her bloody hands were shaking involuntarily. She was afraid. Afraid of what she'd done. Afraid of what might happen to her. She kept her eyes on her feet, not wanting to look Tori in the eyes.
  10. "it?" Tori said as she leaned towards the girl. She glanced to Ragdoll's hands seeing she was just as scared. "Well, this isn't the place to talk about anything." Turning on her heels she began walking back up the street "are you coming? I'm going to wash you up." Tori bit her lower lip wondering why she was doing this.
  11. Ragdoll looked at Tori for a moment, confused. She tilted her head to the side for a moment, then nodded ever-so-slightly. "Yes..." she said quietly, then began to follow her, as quietly as she could with her loud heels. She rubbed her hands worriedly, a (other) nervous habit she had. As Tori wondered why she was doing what she was doing, Ragdoll wondered the same, but she said nothing, not really wanting to talk.
  12. Tori flicked on the light showing a rather small apartment with some ragged furniture. "It isn't the most immaculate place," she mumbled around a cigarette she was trying to light "but I call it home." Leaning back against the wall she kicked off her heels and headed into the kitchen and began warming up the water. "why am I doing this?" were words that constantly spun around within Tori's head. "Here." Tori motioned towards the sink while backing up against the counter.
  13. She walked up to the sink with out a word, letting the warm water run over her blood-soaked hands. She watched, somewhat mesmorized, as the blood ran off of her pale hands and into the sink. She rubbed her hands together, trying to get off as much of the blood as possible. When she finished, she wiped her hands on her skirt and quietly watched as the sink made a gurgling noise and the blood swirled down the drain.
  14. "You killed someone didn't you?" Tori said nonchalantly, puffing out a bit of smoke as she took a step towards Ragdoll. "Your first?" She leaned closer wanting to know more about this somewhat intimidating girl. "You didn't do it on purpose?" Her tone came across a bit icier than expected. "I'm sorry" Tori murmured and once again stepped away from Ragdoll.
  15. "He wasn't my first..." She muttered, almost immediately, thought after she had, she wished she hadn't. She kept her eyes on the sink as she spoke. "And I didn't do it on purpose." She said, a bit louder than her previous statement. Finally, she stepped away from the sink, looking quietly around the apartment before looking back at Tori. As soon as their eyes met, Ragdoll's went straight back to her feet.
  16. Tori shivered all of a sudden filling up with fright. Crossing her arms over her chest, she looked down at her feet and wiggled her toes, trying to distract herself from the thoughts that have started filling her mind. "Then how many?" her voice cracked slightly when she said it. "Then why do it?" Swiftly tori moved passed the girl and headed back in her bedroom to change into more comfortable clothes. "a murderer is in my kitchen and I'm changing. I'm like the dumb one in horror movies," Tori muttered to herself.
  17. Ragdoll frowned. "I don't know how many..." she said quietly, "I don't know when it happens or how... It just happens." What she said was true, but when she said it, it didn't even seem to make sense to her own ears. She never knew when it happened or how, she just knew that it happened, and even though it was true, it didn't make any sense.

    She stayed in place as Tori walked to her bedroom to change. All was quiet, and she heard Tori when she spoke, though what she said wasn't meant for Ragdoll to hear. She frowned slightly, but stayed exactly where she was, focusing on her feet.
  18. Tori came back into the living room wearing a white tank top with a baggy pair of sweatpants. "That does not make a lick of sense," she said as she sat down on the couch making herself at home, trying to make the atmosphere more friendly. "My sister was killed almost a year ago," Tori motioned towards a picture of another brunette by the window sill. "Her name was Kelsy. Just turned 21" Her voice faded as she began to wonder why she was telling Ragdoll all of this. She didn't understand why all of a sudden she felt oddly comfortable.
  19. Ragdoll walked into the living room quietly. When she spoke, her voice was quiet again. "I wish I could stop... I don't understand why this keeps happening..." Her last word was choked with nearing tears. When Tori mentioned her sister, Ragdoll looked at her sadly. "I'm sorry," she said quietly. "I couldn't imagine losing my sister..." she said, unaware of why she was opening up to this stranger.
  20. Tori smiled slightly when she came into the living room, glad the the air of the house was lightening up a bit. "You know, things happen," she shrugged then looked at the picture. "I can't stay in the past because there is nothing there for except pain," Tori chuckled slightly, but it was a hard bitter chuckle. "Nothing will ever change," she looked over at Ragdoll, her eyes hard. "I honestly want revenge," as she said that she leaned forward and gripped her knees, her knuckles turning white as anger boiled inside her.