I don't know what too do.



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This sounds like whining to me, everyone else who posts here has much bigger problems than I do. i just don't know where else to turn.

To put it bluntly my siblings hate me. I am the youngest, and my elder siblings always gave our parents grief. I was always a quiet kid who did what I was told. My siblings have preyed on me, they mock me and say how worthless I am. They say that I am just sucking up to our parents, and everything I do is just to make them like me more. Then they always go on about my faults, like how I never held a job for longer than six months.

I live with my parents, and sister's family. I am working to save some money up for college. My parents insist that I pay a minimum amount of money so I can save more. My sister constantly complains about how I need to pay more, and contribute. Everytime I am asked to do something I do it, everytime i ask my sister or brother in law to do something they make up some retarded excuse and practically tell me to fuck off. My sister is trying to get my mom to stop "coddling" me. She complains about how much my parents have given me. (despite the fact I had to buy my own car, whereas all of my siblings were given cars as gifts.)

That's not what has made me snap. Recently I lived in upstate New york. My best friend of over ten years began to hang out with my sister and her husband. I come home, and he never talks to me, everytime I try to talk to him he says that he is busy. The only time he contacted me was to say that I shouldn't call/text him very much anymore "It was costing too much" and yet he still he constantly talks too my sister and brother in law. I have cut all contact with him, in hopes that he will notice. Honestly though I am sure he won't.

I can't stand this i have done so much for them, lied for them taken blame for them. I have even kept my brother in laws pornography addiction a secret from my sister. I love my siblings, I don't understand why they hate me so much. Just because I wasn't a father when i was sixteen, or didn't get put in prison, or any of the other crap my siblings did. that is the only reason i can think of that they despise me, is that i didn't fuck up like they did.

I can't stand it. My siblings are all failures. My sister is the only other who graduated highschool, none of my siblings have attended college, none of them have a respectable job, they all are poor parents. i think what is worse is that I am gettinmg all of my drive to secceed from them. I feel I need to succeed where they failed, and do better where they succeeded. I am sure that it will only breed more hate for me, but I want to take away anything they can use to try and dra me down.

I am sorry for the poorly worded, spelled, grammarical knightmare that is my rant. i just needed to blow off some steam.
I can sort of understand your issue. I'm the eldest of my siblings, but my Mom has always favoured me because, well... Compared to them, I turned out perfectly when she raised me. My focus was on studies, I didn't sleep with a thousand men, I did lots of work around the house... I even turned out the toughest in the end. I'm the one defending my siblings, even my Mother. That was all before I moved out for college, anyway. I couldn't stand living in that hellhole! 2 of my 4 siblings, who are girls, always envied the attention I got from Mum. They kinda hated me, and would do everything they could to get me in trouble.

Okami, your siblings are ungrateful, selfish people. No matter what you do for them, I don't think they're going to turn any nicer. It's a skeptical thing for me to say, but some people just can't change. It sounds like you're the most successful one for sure; it's no wonder your Mom coddles you. One day, you'll have an amazing job, with an amazing home, maybe even an amazing family of your own. You'll have proven yourself better than them and don't have to share any of it.

I'll say though, you are so sweet and so strong for not returning the lack of kindness. I hope they'll learn from you.

That situation with your friend is...fucked up. I know some of my sister's friends, even boyfriends, have done that to her. They thought I was cooler, or more attractive, so they'd visit to hang with her but in reality, they were coming over to hang with me. Which, of course, made me shove them back to my poor sister. No one deserves to be treated that way. .__. That's just so wrong.

I hope things improve for you. If you ever need to blow off more steam, you know where to go! Should you need a private ear to listen to you, don't hesitate to ask me. <3
It's as simple as this:

You got drive, will, and opportunity. They squandered their opportunity. Now, seeing you on the cusp of succeeding, they can't stand it. They want you to be in the same position they're in. They want you to fail, to "come down to their level."

You are better than them, but not because you have some idea in your head that you're just... better. No, nothing to do with arrogance. It has everything to do with goals. You want more from life, you want to go to college, you work hard for what you have, and that makes your siblings jealous as fuck.

This is why your parents treat you differently, treat you better. They see it, and they want to do everything that they can for you. They already did what they could for your siblings. Free cars? Yeah, they helped them. But your siblings threw their chances away.

You're the last kid, you're their last hope to see one of their children grab onto life and make something greater of themselves. Realize this, see how awesome you are, and fucking lean forward and drive your shoulder into the door these people are trying to put in front of you. Smash into it, break it down, and do what you gotta do to succeed.

Don't be passive aggressive, don't sit back and let these selfish people take things from you. Put your foot down, strengthen your gaze, clench your jaw, and go kick ass.

Good luck to you.
Tell them to fuck off and just live your life. >> OR have a sit down talk with each one of them and really bring up these things and see if it helps any. If it doesn't, go back to the Fuck Off option. D: Cause some people don't wanna work things out...

I was the the one that got hated on all the time by the family. .__.; And my brother was the one that was given all the attention, etc. And I hated him for a really long time. He couldn't figure out why I was so mean to him all the time. >>; Sometime during my late teens we finally talked about why I was so jealous and pissy, and we figured out that we were sharing the same problems. Since then we've been beeest buddies.
Okami; The only sibling I don't know at all is the oldest - but I have seen how rotten they are to you. I don't have a personal vendetta against your sister and your brother-in-law, but they do in fact treat you like garbage. Take it from me; my brother called CPS on me because he didn't like my wife.

Given how your family operates, I wouldn't exactly take the direct wording of GMK - obviously. That would just prove to ostracize you from your parents as well as your siblings. I've also seen your mother in no uncertain terms tell your sister to shut up because she was down talking you.
Thanks for the support everyone, I really need it.