I don't know if anyone will remember me... but i used to go by Cursed Raven and Drusilla :)

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  1. Hi! I'm going by Esthalia now but I used to be known as Cursed Raven and Drucilla to the members of Iwaku ( Gabriel Zero, liquidzilla and others) back in October of 2005. I am so happy to have found IWAKU again! I'm hoping someone will remember me!

    I worked on Raven and Raven: return of the sun with quiet a few people before leaving for college.
    I even drew a comic for GZ before leaving :lol:

    So happy to be back with my Iwaku family and I not too much has changed <3

  2. I don't remember you... but.. welcome back! ^.^
    If you like to draw comics and stuff.. we have a group that Fel has start. It could be your thing.. here!
  3. Thanks! I'm not too much into drawing anymore, but I still love writing! So happy to be back!
  4. Hello and welcome back!

    Although we have never met personally, its good to have an Iwaku member back!

    *chains your ankle to a pole*

    Just so you can't leave us again. =^____^=
  5. Eeep! Well, I don't think I'll be leaving again! :3 thanks
  6. Drucilla... familiar, but I don't think we spoke. There's a fuzz memory but... I think it's more likely that it was Gabe of LZ talking about you. Hmmm.

    Next thing you know, Papa Hoho will be back. Oh, wait, that already happened. Haha. Welcome back, at any rate. It's been a while and Iwaku has changed a lot! :) So if you need any help, please feel free to ask.
  7. I've noticed, but it seems the air of fun and friendliness is still around, that's what's important! :D