I don't know D:

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  1. I'm completely lost to be honest. ]:
  2. Join the club!

    *cradles the babies in her arms and sobs dramatically*
    I'LL SAVE YOU!! .n.

    Hai!!! I'mma Mala! What are you guys? *sniff*

    Iwaku IS pretty overwhelming at first. But no worries, in time, you'll see its really an awesome place and not hard to learn at all. ^^ And if you feel a headache coming on, just go ahead and blame is on Diana. We all do.

    Dats right Diana. I'm talkin bout chu! >:C
  4. Yes, blame it all on Diana...<_< >_>...

    And welcome to Iwaku! If you need tips and tricks, head on over to the Roleplay Academy. It's where all the new folk should venture to =D.