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  1. (Charles is agender, please use they/them/themselves/their pronouns when referring to them)

    Charles ran quickly, quickly away from that marching officer.

    "Come back here!" The man screamed.

    Charles legs were giving up on them. But they kept running and jumping over objects on the cobble stone road.

    Their convers shoes slamming away on the sidewalk and their arms elbowing away bystanders.

    Charles finally stopped into an alleyway, sitting themselves down. Charles laughed loudly as they saw the officer drive past the alley.

    charles was startled by a voice, a very alerting voice. They snapped their drugged head to the right to see the new friend.

    Charles hazel eyes and brown hair shaven on one the left side.
    And their black eye and cut across the cheek.

    "...what?" Charles snapped.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.