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Howdy, I'm looking for a casual, long-term partner.

I will be slow to get back into roleplaying, especially since I've had a recent dump of bad things happen among my family and my romantic partner is currently sick, and I want to care for my loved ones. However, I'd like to attempt some roleplays to give myself some street relief alongside all that.
I'm sorry for the personal info, but I thought to explain any slow responses from me now to any potential partners, with that out of the way onto my ideas.

I have two soulmate daemon ideas I tend to go with.
Before I share for those unaware of what I referring to with the word Daemon; I'm referring to the concept of talking animals that are the physical manifestation of a person's soul and who are made of a universe particle called Dust. This is a concept pulled from the book series called His Dark Materials which is written by Phillip Pullman, there is also a show and a movie made of the first book called The Golden Compass.
You can get a better idea about them at the wiki page here.

For the Daemon forms and names, we can definitely discuss and work together to come up with these as that would be fun that way.

1) The first idea is that the Daemons of soulmates switch either when both daemons have first formed when their counterpart is a toddler or they switch several times throughout the lives of the soulmates and the switching is paused when the soulmates are together but continues again once they separate for long periods of time. If there are multiple soulmates the switched daes are mixed up. With the constantly switching idea, it changes each time with whose daemon goes where or the Dust decides which daemon is needed more with which soulmate.


2) The daemons share dreams with their counterpart's soulmate as long as they have first formed at toddler age. These shared dreams happen no matter if soulmates have met or not. If there are multiple soulmates then the shared dreams will happen between those whose sleep schedules match up, otherwise, the daes and their counterparts have normal dreams.

I highly encourage two partners for ot3 ships.
Fandoms I'm hyperfocused on currently and my favorite ships:
(I'll mark my preferred character in purple but I am not picky.)
Star Wars
Warning: I ship Cloneshipping and that is not your cup of tea then please just move on, any hateful comments will just be ignored.
Clone Wars


My Hero Academia

If anyone is interested please respond here on the thread and I'll send you a message as soon as I can. Triggers and other important roleplay information (such as where we will do the roleplay and extra plot details) can be discussed in detail through DM. I look forward to any responses!! ^^