I don't get it...

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Facebook, myspace, blogs...what's the big deal? I can't see beyond them being massive time wasters. What do you people see in that crud?
Same reason people sit in the Cbox and spam in Insanity.

Makes them feel part of something larger than themselves.

Bit like religion, don't you think?

*folds arms smugly*
XD. Oh my gosh, that was cruel and hilarious at the same time@Asmo

Well, personally, I use Facebook to contact people I otherwise wouldn't talk to on a regular basis (like my friends that I used to go to middle school with but don't go to high school with). However, I hardly spend any time on Facebook or MySpace since I text them and e-mail them instead. However, I like blogs. I tend to use them for streams of thought (sort of like an activity that I used to do in my sixth grade class in which we would write whatever we could for five minutes without stopping).
Most of it is massive time wasting.

I only try to use mine for networking purposes or keeping up with events going on in the Theatre department here at the University.
What Orion said. I also use facebook for getting in touch with people whom I've lost contact over the years (like my cousins, or whoever in the family). And facebook has fun little games that are major time wasters. I don't know, I like 'em.
Blogs is for sports and politics, the needs of a european.
Is that a subtle jab at Asmo or something, Torsty?
I've always used them as tools for stalking and keeping an eye on my members. c___c; If I know what's going on in their real lives, then I know why they might be acting a certain way.

otherwise... I use it to keep in contact with family members, and playing those fun apps on Facebook. .__.
Dolt. Everything on the intertoobs is a time waster.
Well for me anyway, keeping track of the people I meet throughout my career is kinda... impossible through conventional means. This due in fact to how many of them there are and that they get scattered to the four winds to various duty stations across the world. So the only way to keep track of the friends I've made is through Facebook. Sure, eventually friendships wilt a little from time and distance, but I'd be curious to see what happens when I try looking them up in a few years.
facebook is just another communication tool.

it aint a waste of time if you enjoy yourself.

at the same time it isnt the be all and end all.