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  1. I've been attempting to GM a few rps, but they keep falling flat (partly my fault to be honest) So I was thinking of trying to do a 1x1 and see if it goes better. However, I have literally now idea what to do for an rp, so my partner will at least have to come up with a main plot idea.

    Here are some facts about me that should help you decide if we should rp together!

    -I can play both genders, though I tend to prefer female.

    -I don't have cable (and haven't for nearly four years) and run on a data plan, so I'm afraid recent TV shows are a no-go.

    -What I can do are video games and anime (though I would be more limited in the anime category). I would be willing to try out an rp based on a game/anime I haven't played/watched as long as my partner takes full control of the plot.

    -I don't do one-liners, nor do I like my partner to use them. They work for some people, but not me. I prefer details in posts. (The more the better I say) At least one paragraph would be preferable.

    -I would prefer for my partner to make a character first, because I love to make complimentary (or opposing) characters.

    -Spellchecking would be greatly appreciated, but is not required. (But if there are a lot of errors, be prepared for a lot of questions)

    -This is in Roleplay Talk for a reason. I'm not comfortable doing sexual content. However, as long as it is kept PG-13, romance is a-okay! (And usually encouraged)

    -Check out my resume for more details!

    Still interested? Thank you! Please pm me if you wish to rp! (Or post here if you have any general questions)
  2. If you'll have me, I wouldn't mind doing a 1x1.
  3. @Wolfsbane706 Of course! Shoot me a pm with any ideas or questions you have!
  4. I can take on one or two more partners if more people are interested.
  5. Well, if you're okay with more partners.. I may not be the greatest at first, though. I haven't role played in like two and a half years, haha..
  6. I'd be happy to Panna Cotta! Send me a PM with any and all ideas!

    Alright, I have hit my limit I think. Thank you everyone for your interest!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.