I Don't Care...

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  1. This was routine now. Wake up in the same apartment we've come to love and then disappear on some mystical adventure. It was ridiculous but it was life. Our life. I wouldn't change it for the world...well...sometimes.

    With the morning sun beams shining through a crack in my shades, I groan attempting to cover my head with the quilt. 'No...don't wanna...,' I thought staring at my alarm clock. 9:30 AM, it shone in bright red. '9:30...hmmm...fuck...late.' Sitting up I slowly run a hand through my hair snagging a couple fingers through some knots. "First things first: Shower. Can't go out with nasty hair," I murmured throwing the covers off my body. Quietly walking towards my bureau I quickly pull out some essentials.

    "CHERRY! VANESSA! Get your asses up out of bed."

    'Fuck. Who let Victor in?' Sighing discontent as I briskly head over towards my door, throwing it open before a beefy hand could pound it down. "Good morning, Victor," I said brushing past him. I was in no mood to deal with him loud mouth. It was too early in the morning, at least for me.