I Didn't Mean to Make Kit Look Bad.

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Locke Cole

Original poster

X.x I am so not a newbie. Well maybe to this particular forum style stuff. You guys are weird. Not that I can say anything for myself. But I'm supposed to say hi to you all for Kitti, so hi ... and if I had ... a choice between those two, you know I'd obviously have to pick the one with the puffy little shoes. Shoe ... woo woo woo woo woo woo wooes. XD
Heya Sparky!~ How come you're pink? xD

Welcome to Iwaku ^^
I'm Sakuraaaa~ ask me any questions and yatta yatta when you have them :D
I'm always here to help :D
I don't know, Kit was asking the same thing. I personally think it's because in my opinion, the puffy little shoes are in fact pink, and not muave or tequila. Which is a good drink when mixed with the appropriate margarita. ;)
xD Ah, that's what you meant earlier x.X I was trying to figure that out.
It's possibly because of the "EMAIL NOT CONFIRMED" notice. Admin-Diana probably made users without the confirmation pink ^^

Anyways, welcome =D

I'm the crazy friend who threatened to cut off your balls if you hurt Kitti =D

Nice to meet you and I hope we can be friends!
Hi Sparks, Welcome to Iwaku.
Sakura, Sparks name is pink because his email address has not been confirmed.
I think.

Anyhow... /Space leaps out of the thread.
We went and confirmed it, so I should be ... brown? Now? Ick. Brown is not my color. That sounds so gay. But that's okay, because it is ... I would say I was a preme, but, well. Actually I might have been. Side tracked! Thanks for the hola!
I am Crazy.

Welcome to the site.
O.o So many responses! And so random that they appear on my screen when I hit refresh. Yay! I'm welcomed and loved already I think! Possibly! And about the cutting off my balls ... you'd have to ask kit for them. She keeps them in a jar above her bed to remind me that she has them and I'm not getting them back.
I believe it is speaking a form of language that only Sakura can translate. Interesting.

Welcome to the forum. I'm one of your new overlords the Admins. Enjoy the forum, get support from my minion Vay and have fun.
He seems like a fine addition to the forum!

*Takes Kitti aside*

Has he had all of his shots? I want to be sure before we let him loose on the forum...
I feel like I'm missing something...............

*readies metal studded spiky rp support boots*

Welcome I'm Vay and while its obvious we don't spea the same dialect..... I. DO. NOT. COME. IN. PEACE. I. AM. A CLEAR. AND. PRESENT. THREAT.

Now that thats out of the way I would like to issue you a fair warning welcome. Please don't blink not ever for a second make yourself at home.
You can't get away from me and my welcoming , Welcome to the Iwaku if you have any questions just ask

*walks off into the shadows*
..... *Delayed snicker at the fact that Kitti holds his balls*

You forgot to booby trap the shadows again vay

Anyway's I'm GMK, Drunken grey knight with an ass blessed by Papa Nurgle himself...pleased to meet you.
... you'd have to ask kit for them. She keeps them in a jar above her bed to remind me that she has them and I'm not getting them back.

The fuck..

Right, welcome to Iwaku.
Oi, hello. I'm Xindaris.
I pretty much helped Kitti find this site a long time ago...but that's not too important. You'll find me running or playing fantasy RPs, most likely.
I'm Miru, and Ki-chaama brought me here, too! ^^
So if anything, that'd make us, I dunno related? =P
Anyway, everyone here beat me to the punch, but have fuuuuuuuuuun, and I hope I get to RP and chat with you! ^^