I didn't mean to fall in love..

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  1. I didn't mean to fall in love..

    Character A is someone who had been childhood friends with Character C from the age of 5 all the way to the age of 12. Due to "personal matters", Character C was forced to move to another place, far away from where they used to live. Character A had no knowledge about Character C moving away and eventually figured it out when they no longer heard from Character C.

    Years after, Character A was moved to a different highschool in their area. During their first day of school, Character A bumped into Character B, which happened to look exactly like Character C. Character A instantly wanted to become friends with Character B. Character A later found out that Character B happened to be the twin of Character C. It was later discovered that Character C was forced to go into the modeling agency and left without saying goodbye to Character A because they found it too hard to do so.

    Character B never wanted to make friends with anyone because everyone used Character B to try and become friends with Character C. Character A was aware of this, yet they kept trying to become friends with Character B in order to meet Character C again.
    During the time that Character A was trying to become closer to Character B, Character A slowly began falling in love. Eventually they got closer and closer and it was obvious that both characters had feelings for each other.

    Character B eventually invited Character A over to their house, where Character A and C met once again. A few days later, Character C told Character B that they have had feelings for Character A since childhood. Character B was heartbroken and upset, fearing that they would be even more heartbroken later, they started parting themselves from Character A. Character A eventually noticed and tried figuring out why Character B was becoming distant, until the truth was finally revealed.

    Character A is a very energetic and happy person. They always love making new friends and they're extremely kind to people. (This is me)

    Character B is a very quiet person and doesn't talk to anyone. They tend to keep away from everyone and they hate when people try talking to them. Anyone who tries to get close is to them is immediately pushed away. (This is you)

    Character C is a very nice and kind person. They don't talk to many people because their job is their first priority. (Either you or me can play this character, your choice!)

    You can add changes to your character(s) if you may like! And if you would want to play a different role, just let me know! The rp will start when Character A and B bump into each other at school.

    If you wish to do this RP with me, please PM me and we can discuss more through there.

    Please try to make the RP more interesting by replying with at least one paragraph each reply and I will do the same! Add more drama, it is always welcomed! Please have understandable grammar!!

    I will do MxF, FxF, or MxM.

    That is all :3
  2. I like this! sounds complicated like I like it...I am used to playing Men only. So I do not mind playing both brothers if you need. I like throwing in drama and hard decisions and twists into the story so that should be fun. Anyhoo! let me know! or PM me I guess.
  3. sounds very interesting, i would love to do it with you, parring MxM.
    Pm if it sounds interesting for you too ^^