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  1. Alright I'm gonna try to get straight to the point. Though sometimes I get sidetracked.

    I just got an idea for a roleplay and came straight here to post it.
    My idea for a roleplay is you play a guy, who often gets himself in detention. This will be a highschool setting.

    Who I will be playing is a phantom girl. She's in the same year as your character who is human like the rest of the school. The humans don't really know about the existence of ghosts and phantoms, the exception being mostly
    ghost hunters. Seeing as how it's highschool and people are jerks I get bullied since I'm a shy person who avoids the crowds. One day, I use my powers to pants a bully in front of everyone, using my powers so no one can see me. I then appear behind a tree and watch with a smirk. The bully then decides to pin the whole
    thing on me, which is funny since I did it. And no one denies it because the bully would make their life hell if they did.

    So, I end up in detention for a few hours on my Saturday, along with you. We meet, you somehow convince me to meet you again for coffee or something, and we become friends, and eventually more. I might even end up telling you my secret~​
  2. Is she a ghost?
  3. Oh I should have explained this better, I was half asleep. She is a phantom. A type of ghost you could say. Though they are a lot different. While ghosts are dead people who have their one ghost form and are able to decide who sees them and who doesn't, phantoms are humans who have a ghost form. They have a solid human form then they have a ghost form, they can do all the things ghosts do in that form. Walking through walls, controlling who can see them and who can't, making things they touch invisible too, often items so they can carry the items through walls with them, and touching things without turning them invisible.
  4. Hmmm so is she dead?
  5. Nope, phantoms are born as phantoms, alive and well. They can still die and starve. Though if a phantom dies they don't become a ghost, they just stop existing. Oh, though they do not age once they reach their freeze age of the early twenties. It's because they are extremely rare, a child from a phantom only has a one in fifty chance of being one as well. And phantoms aren't even very fertile, it could take years to even get one pregnant. Again, because their immortality. They would over populate the world if they were more fertile.
  6. Hmmm I interested, as far plot goes what can be expected?
  7. High school antics, them slowly starting to like eachother, her trying to find a way to temporarily give him a phantom form, ect.
  8. Hmm so do I need to make a character sheet?
  9. Yeah, message me and we can talk about it XD
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