I Did This For You (Working Title) [Werewolf/Human RP]

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  1. Hey guys, so this is a plot I had started on another site but didn't really go as planned.

    Basically the plot involves two best friends. There would be some sort of crisis and now humanity is barely hanging on. One character (The one I would prefer to play) Is a werewolf...or chose to become one. She did this so she could finally step up and have to stop relying on her friend. He would always protect her and keep her from harm. In the end she became frustrated and felt as if she was just a useless burden. So she got herself into this mess for him...in a way.

    The story would start at the point where she has recently been turned. She hasn't told him anything about it, scared of how he would react. She's still suffering from the infection. Her first change has not happened yet but it's just around the corner.


    P.S I am new to the site so bare with me as I attempt to figure out how everything works. :)
  2. I may be interested in this, if you are still looking.
  3. Definitely still looking. No one has really responded, lol.
  4. Alrighty then, where do you see the plot for this going?
  5. Well...I was thinking there would be some romance already between the two. Not a legit relationship between them more a long the lines of 'I like you but I'm not sure if you like me back' type of thing.

    I was also thinking that perhaps one the guy finds out about the girl he can run away from her...scared... disappointed whatever seems fitting, perhaps a mix of both...along with anger? Not too sure, It's still being worked on.

    Do you have any ideas to input?
  6. Let me in this one!!!!
  7. If you're interested then we can start it up. Do you have any questions on the plot or anything?
  8. Well that all works for me, only thing I have is a curiousity as to why she became lycan? As in how?
  9. Wait so is this becoming a group rp. lol am I supposed to be the third will here? I need some clarification.
  10. I was intended as a 1x1 but if there is a way to turn it into a 1x1x1 It would be interesting...As to how she became one...I really have no idea how to explain that...We can discuss that if you'd like. lol
  11. Well... why has the world gone to pot? Lycans killing everyone?
  12. That could be interesting. Or it could be vampires...although with it being werewolves going on a rampage it would make more sense for her to have been bitten and survived. We can change it and say she didn't choose it, but since it happened she can possibly embrace it and use it to her benefit to protect her friend and herself?

    The only reason I didn't really think it through was because I assumed it would be discussed with my partner...Sorry if this has bothered you.
  13. Alright, that works for me. -nodnodnodditynod-
    And no worries, that's why were discussing it.
  14. Another idea is there could be some sort of revolution or like the city could be a warzone...rogue soldiers and whatnot. Or some sort of extermination...
  15. Hrmmm, werewolves exterminating the populous?
  16. Could be a possibility...although I am liking the soldiers idea...
  17. Alrighty, soldiers is fine ^.^
  18. Okay, awesome! So anything else?
  19. I can't think of anything.
  20. Alright, so shall we get started?