I Dare You..

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  1. [video=youtube;Rjl4TRrT6po]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rjl4TRrT6po&feature=g-logo[/video]

    These guise ^ I love these guise. <3

    Ellen Degeneres dared her viewers to dance in public.
    And they actually went along with the dare. >:3 and that is awesome.

    Now, I was wondering something.
    I'm sure a lot of you have been dared to do something,
    whether it be kinda lame and simple,
    or outrageous and embarrassing.
    But, the REAL question is,

    Did you follow through with it?

    There is the game Truth or Dare, and often times, I would choose Truth.
    But at one point in life, I chose Dare moreso. - w- However, they were always simple and boring for me to do..


    Have you ever been dared to do something in public? Was it crazay? Did you do it? How did you feel afterwards and or during? ^^
    Or, were you dared to do something not in public that was just as ludicrous? o wo

    And if you're the Truth type, why? Why do you always pick the safer choice? Are you scuuurrrred? o ^o'

    - w-
    Really, the best dare I had to do was put ice down my shirt at like a sleepover in third grade. It was easy. I was yawning.
    And truths. o wo I think I found them easy. >>' Soyah.. I'd like to do more dares now though. >:C
    But.. xD I'd prob try to get out of a dare if it scared me.. > w<'' heh heh.

  2. I've got two very different dares to tell. Both are ones I would not like to do again. One was unpleasant, one was embarrassing. Both came from the same game of Truth or Dare about four years ago.

    Unpleasant dare!

    I was dared to eat one of those dog bone treats. I've heard of people doing it before and it was supposed to be flavored... but it only tasted like sawdust after I broke it apart with chewing. I needed four glasses of water to finish swallowing it. Bleh...

    Embarrassing dare!

    As the night progressed, the game broke down to boys vs girls. I'm sure some of you can already see where this is going! Anyway, the girls got the last turn of the night before we all stopped for sleep, seeing as it was close to 2:00am and people were getting tired. We got dared to go outside and streak then run around the front yard. It was 2am and the place we were staying at was pretty rural... only one of us didn't do it.

    The one who chickened out was not me. Holy shit was that cold. >///>

    We got nothing even close to compensation for that stunt. YOU'RE WELCOME, LADIES AT THAT PARTY.
  3. I have never REALLY played Truth or Dare before but ehh...

    But if I did then I will know what's my limit xD
  4. I disliked Truth or Dare and refused to play. Guess I was not very willing to be persuaded by peer pressure. Guess that explains my Middle School years.

    That said I did do a few prank phone calls till my friend randomly gave me my aunt & uncle's number from the yellow pages. Wigged me out so bad I never did it again.
  5. Truth or Dare... I sometimes love it, sometimes hate it. Depends on the crowd I'm hanging around with.

    I remember once, when I was 15, someone was dared to kiss me. Even though I made it clear that I had a boyfriend, so I asked ahead of time to not be involved with such dares. Yet, I was forced into it. And I got really really angry at my friends for it. So from that moment on, I just don't play it anymore.

    The times I did enjoy it though, were when we'd just cause trouble. I was dared to skinny dip, and I did it. I was dared to eat a bunch of fish food, and I did it. I...well, lots of things I'm not proud of, but it proved to my peers I wasn't a total wuss. I was a shy little poindexter, so I sometimes had to earn the right to exist. v__v;

    The one I remember best of all was Truth or Dare over Skype. It involved Seiji and a horse.
  6. I've played truth or dare a couple times, and after the second time, I never wanted to play it again.

    The craziest dare that I took up with the worst turn out could have been avoided, but I really didn't want to back down from because I wanted to impress my crush. Believe me, he got something else. My friends and I were all sitting in a close circle and my crush was right beside me and I was dared to drink whipped cream through my nose, since I can do it with milk. This might not have been a disaster if I didn't have to use the spray can because when I started, I forgot to let go of the nozzle and resulted in coughing whipped cream all over my crushes lap. He didn't go to anymore truth or dare parties with me after that. XD

    The second time one of my closer friends who I had a fight with the previous night chose to do truth, but instead said something personal about me that no one had any business knowing outside the realm of my friends. I guess I've learned a lesson in confidentiality since then.
  7. I've never had enough of a chance to hang around with friends to have any truth or dare stories *Wiggles*

    Truthfully, I think I've played the game once. In my entire life. 2nd-3rd grade. And I was given one turn. ONE turn. If I had known that I was gonna be ignored for most of the night, I wouldn't have joined in.
  8. Lol. This was hilarious.

    I've played truth or dare before.

    One was yell con out the care window as loud as I could. (Dare)

  9. I hate this game! Well depending on who I play it with, and for some reason, I'd rather play it with strangers/ people I don't know too well than my friends and best friends x.x lol I know I'm weird xD
  10. I've played the wimp version of Truth or Truth. Basically we make you spill your deepest darkest secret. =P

    Continue reading if you don't think you'll take offense to this.

    When I was still on WoW, my guild needed the fishing achievement. (If you play WoW, you'll know how fucking tedious it was.) So we made a guild event out of it, where all of us went on Vent, headed out to fish, and played Truth or Truth. Our Guild Master who is my boyfriend had to ask a question to one of our members. He decided to ask his best friend, who was also at the event. He starts off saying,

    "... So most of you know that me and Keldoen are best friends and growing up we've both had sleep overs and all that. He'd come over to my house and I'd go over to his." And then he clears his throat and asks, "What I want to know Keldoen is if during any of those nights when I've stayed over, have you ever masturbated in the vincinity of me?"

    Then there's this GIGANTIC silence and then...

    "... Yes."

    And then you hear this roar in Vent as every single one of us just laughed our asses off. Definitely one of my fonder memories of WoW.
  11. Hmm yeah...that game. Yeah...I got dared to shuv a torch up another girl's...well. use your imagination xD

    Not my most proud moment xD

    I like a balance of truth and dare ^^
  12. Hahaha....ha....

    Yes, I played the game. It was a great way to pass up time and I loved playing games. Even though I don't like being a big crowd of people, i did enjoy the game. I was never scared to do anything (probably because i was more afraid of the hits i would get than the actual dare). Back in my day, they used to pick on my embarrassment. They liked seeing me get all hot and bothered and blushyface and the works.

    Those bastards.

    The TWO worst dares.

    CONCOCTION DARE: I had to drink some nasty...stuff. Tea. Melted Stawberry Ice Cream. Shot of vinegar. A bit of pepper. Milk. Black Coffee. They called it MIASMA....

    ....it was horrible.

    EXPLICIT. (open)
    Simple. Get naked and go into the neighbor's yard, grab both lady pillows, run in the sprinklers, and say, "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard..." -////-
  13. Truth or Dare. Oh yeah... remember that fondly.

    Had a dare a few years ago for me to go into a bathroom stall at a local business establishment, and run out only in my undies while screaming "GET OFF MY PORCH!" at anyone I saw which I promptly did cause that wasn't a freakin' dare. It was a damn good idea!
  14. Ok here goes >///<

    This is an old dare so... >.>

    I had to pull down my pants and get on top my mom's car, pull out my manhood and swing it around yelling "Pull yo dick out! Pull yo dick out !"
  15. ‚Äč^ that is traumatizing. :D