"I Couldn't Survive Without You" (MxF looking for F)

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  1. I Couldn't Survive Without You

    3 Years Ago...

    (This part is BG info, we don't have to RP this)

    The Robertson family was like any other. The mother and father loved each other very much, and early on, they had two beautiful children. The oldest, was a 18 year old daughter, who had just become accepted to college/university and wanted to become a Nurse. The youngest sibling, was her 15 year old brother, Dylan. He was a little nerdy boy who didn't like social interactions with large groups, but wished to become an author once he graduated college/university. Rather then argue and fight like most brothers and sisters did, the two managed to get along extremely well and genuinely loved each other. If one of them was ever upset, the other was always there to help in whatever way they could.

    One day, however, the relationship went a little too far.

    The day after she found out she had been accepted to college/university, the sister invited her long-time boyfriend over to celebrate. They went out for dinner with the family and had a delicious 5-star meal. She was dressed in a gorgeous little black dress, which caught everyone's eye. She was the centre of attention that night, and she loved it. When they got home, she playfully begged her boyfriend for a "gift", which was promptly succeeded by a round of sex. At this time, Dylan had been walking to the bathroom when the odd noises suddenly caught his ear. Peeking through the keyhole, Dylan watched as the man he almost thought of as a brother in-law, plowing his sister. Insatiable rage boiled up inside him, but something unexpected also went up. His young body seemed to respond positively to the almost pornographic sight, which forced him to walk away and try to eliminate the image from his mind. When they finish, the sister and her boyfriend say goodnight and he goes home.

    Coming out from the bathroom, Dylan confronts his sister. This had obviously been happening in secret because their parents still thought she was a beautiful little flower, still unsoiled from the day she was born. She explains that this has been going on for years, but she's always been safe. When she discovers that not only was Dylan watching during the last half, but that he was having a bit of "fun" himself, she playfully teases him to show off his member. But, rather unexpectedly, the next hour brought another round of sexual contact to the house, but this time between the brother and sister. Once it finished, they agreed to never speak of it again and repress the memory, hoping that their lives would not be ruined by the temporary moment of incest.

    Present Day...

    Having graduated from her college/university's program, the sister has successfully become a Nurse at the ripe age of 21. Dylan, now 18, has also begun his own secondary learning programs to study in journalism and follow his dream. The sister is still together with her boyfriend and nothing else "wrong" has happened since that fateful night of emotional weakness. However, a recent disease has been plaguing the hospital the sister works at and eventually, it gets out of hand when one of the patients kills and devours his doctor. The other infected patients also begin showing symptoms of insatiable rage and increased decaying of their body parts, which prompts a hospital-wide evacuation. Rushing home to try and find a safe haven, the sister is picked up by her boyfriend, who claims that there's some kind of pandemic going on. Other infected people are roaming the streets, breaking into houses and killing/infecting other people. Wanting to try and save her parents, the sister and her boyfriend drive to her house, only to discover that her parents have been killed by the infected. Dylan, however, is still alive. After they rescue him, the trio head off to try and find a place where they can escape from the infected, only to be attacked by more of the virus-fuelled people. The boyfriend is brutally slaughtered in front of the group while Dylan tries to save him.

    Now, alone and without the people they love in what is now becoming a Zombie Apocalypse, the brother and sister are forced to work together to survive. But, thinking that they could be the only people left in the world (and potentially the only people left who genuinely share a sense of love), the grief from their parent's and lover's loss forces them into each other's passionate embrace once again, but this time, there are no regrets.

    Okay, so this is yet another thread I had back a while ago on another site (a few months back), but my partner unfortunately bailed on me. So, I'm looking for somebody to play the Older Sister character, while I will play Dylan, the younger brother.

    We can discuss the starting point and cover small details later on, but if you're interested, post a response below or PM me. I'm only taking a few people for this, and I expect somebody who will want to advance the plot with me as opposed to letting me come up with everything.

    Also, if you were interested and as per all of my "reboot RP" threads, this is the image that my last partner used for the sister. You don't have to use her, but I figured I'd provide the image just in case you were struggling to find one:

  2. I would be interested.
  3. Sweet!

    Shall we discuss this in PM's or just here?