I could always do with a few more roleplays!

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  1. Hello lovelies~ I'm Trish. I'm always looking for new roleplays and am willing to keep up with as many as I have. Whether thats three or thirteen! You can always find me lurking the forums and searching for new things to bring to life. I have a small selection of plots I would be interested in~ You just have to tell me which ones your willing to plot around with. I only do FxM or FxF. I am not comfortable with MxM, and am terribly sorry if that's offensive.

    Playing This Twisted Game: Y/C is pretending to be someone else entirely over the internet to M/C for months now. After getting into an online relationship, M/C realizes what she's really in for. [This can go in so many different directions, so take this as you like. I can do either FxF or MxF for this one]

    A Little Experiment: M/C has always believed herself to be straight as a board, but one night one of her friends Y/C invites her over for a sleepover and attempts to make a move on her. She decides to go along with the girl's idea of fun. [FxF]

    You Changed: High School sweethearts broke apart all those years ago, and have found that they are working with each other. (throw me ideas on where, a hospital or detective team sounds fun!) Though they barely realize that this person is the one they were in love with all those years ago. [MxF]

    I am not in many fandoms, as I don't have much time for them!
    Harry Potter, Homestuck, AHS are the ones I'm willing to play.
    Harry Potter: OC/Draco, Ginny/Harry, Hermione/Draco, Hermione/Ron
    Homestuck: Just ask me what I don't ship.
    AHS: The only pairing I'm willing to do as of now is Violet/Tate. You would have to convince me to do other ones.

  2. I'd be willing to role play with you. Feel free to send a pm to me I have a lot of ideas. I mainly role play Fxf. But will also do Mxf.