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    This thread is about CONFESSIONS. The things you confess in this thread must be TRUE and must be about YOU!

    ...I confess that I double dip. c____c
  2. I confess that my first kiss was with a complete stranger at a Fall Out Boy concert. o_o; I AM NOT ASHAMED.~
  3. I confess that I like to make people embarrassed by doing weird things in public > >
  4. I confess that I'm not as innocent as some people think I am.
  5. I confess that I'm kinda getting sick of my brother, really picks the worst times to call. <_<
  6. I confess that I sometimes go out in pajama pants, when I want groceries at night usually.
  7. I confess that it really frustrates the hell out of me when people forget that I can't please everyone. D: Someone is always going to be unsatisfied.
  8. I confess to being a huge attention whore...I deliberately start to annoy people when I get ignored...
  9. I confess to not being as nice as everyone seems to think I am >.> seriously i'm mean sometimes
  10. I confess to having had some odd dreams about some Iwaku members ... o__o
  11. I confess that sometimes I feel shitty and other times I feel less shitty.
  12. I confess... that I often go a little overboard with competition. o____o I have the blood thirsty desire to BE THE BEST AT EVERYTHING.
  13. I confess to overreaction to tiny changes in my life, be they positive or negative.
  14. I confess that you could get me to do anything you wanted, in exchange for a Coke. v__v
  15. I confess that I've never played Final Fantasies 7-9. I am going to try and chance that soon though.
  16. I confess that some of my friends are driving me nuts by being too hard to even BEGIN playing games with.. <_< Is annoying having to wait just to hear, "sorry". I miss straight answers and time not wasted.

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  17. I confess I'm lonely, which occasionally becomes too much for me.
  18. I confess that I have been rather lazy lately and find myself unmotivated to really do much...
  19. I confess that I'm really really stuck right now. I've reached a dead end on my path. :/
  20. I confess that, as much as most people would make fun of me for it, Disney songs always make me feel better when I'm sad. <3