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  1. Simple easy game; Confess something that is true. >:D

    ..I confess... that I like to spy on people. c__c
  2. I confess I can't stand hearing the sound of my own footsteps, and like sneaking up on people
  3. As far as horror, if you've never seen Higurashi no Naku koro ni, you need to. The first season was put on DVD by Geneon several years ago, and a new publisher just put out season 2 fairly recently on Blu Ray. It starts as slice of life and quickly devolves into horror, and there's a Groundhog Day-style time reset every few episodes where someone different becomes the killer.
  4. I confess that I am really more emo than Sho!

    *eats razorblades*
  5. I confess that i only have myself to blame for my current emotional imbalance but even knowing that i still blame the world

  6. I confess................ that despite my age, I still sleep with soft toys and am incapable of sleeping without them

  7. I confess, that I am more emo than both Vay and Issy combined.
  8. I confess I killed everything at supper with my bare hands including the bear hands.
  9. I confess that I'm afraid of mirrors.
  10. I confess that when I mess up at school, it makes me cry like a baby.
  11. I confess... that I use my cute girl powers to get free stuff. :D
  12. I confess that I am thinking of doing something very very VERY stupid tonight.
  13. I confess that Jinx is just naturally dumb.
  14. I confess that suggesting to the nerds of my college a sport that allowed for safely beating the tar out of each other was a plan not fully thought out...and has now attracted more attention then I could have ever imagined.
  15. I confess that I need a life!!!
  16. Name: The realm has several names: The Endless Summer, Underhill, Neverland, among others

    Continent (Exclude if Submitting New Continent): The Endless Summer can be accessed from any fae place of power and is an overlapping dimension.

    Geography: Mostly light forests, both deciduous and evergreen, interspersed with rolling hills and vast plains. Lakes dot the landscape and the entire continent is encircled by the Misty Sea

    Location (In Relation to Center of Continent / In Relation to Other Continents): The Endless Summer is everywhere and nowhere all at once, being able to be accessed from something as simple as a mushroom ring to as elaborate as a several hour long ritual to open a portal.

    Who lives there?: Almost exclusively Fae, and those who have been tricked by, brought to, or stumbled upon an entrance to The Endless Summer. As the name implies, those here are of the Summer Court variety including the Tinkers (See race submission for details). Those who choose to stay in The Endless Summer are generally those who wish to dabble, meddle or outright disrupt the lives of mortals, though killing them is seen as rude, because they have such short lives anyway, why shorten them further?

    Who's in charge?: Well, that's a very fluid statement as the anarchic nature of the realm and the denizens are in constant flux, and although Titania is very much the most powerful and influential being there, she's also very easygoing and lets a lot of minor infractions go by without reciprocation - at least right away. Someone who makes a pattern of disregarding her general benevolent stance on mortals might very well find themselves at the wrong end of her considerable wrath.

    This is very much a work in progress and I'll flush it out a bit more once I get this situated in my mind.
  17. I confess that I get sick easily from stress...:/
  18. I confess that I hate vegetables XD
  19. I confess that I wouldn't mind quitting my job to become an author... if I had the drive and better writing skills.
  20. I confess California is the suck!
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