I confess...

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Simple easy game; Confess something that is true. >:D

..I confess... that I like to spy on people. c__c
I confess I can't stand hearing the sound of my own footsteps, and like sneaking up on people
I confess that I made a mistake in cooking yesterday....;_;
I confess that i only have myself to blame for my current emotional imbalance but even knowing that i still blame the world

I confess................ that despite my age, I still sleep with soft toys and am incapable of sleeping without them

I confess, that I am more emo than both Vay and Issy combined.
I confess I killed everything at supper with my bare hands including the bear hands.
I confess that when I mess up at school, it makes me cry like a baby.
I confess... that I use my cute girl powers to get free stuff. :D
I confess that I am thinking of doing something very very VERY stupid tonight.
I confess that Jinx is just naturally dumb.
I confess that suggesting to the nerds of my college a sport that allowed for safely beating the tar out of each other was a plan not fully thought out...and has now attracted more attention then I could have ever imagined.
I confess that I'm cleverly convincing my dad with manipulative intentions to get me something.
I confess that I get sick easily from stress...:/
I confess that I wouldn't mind quitting my job to become an author... if I had the drive and better writing skills.
I confess California is the suck!
Not open for further replies.