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    Greed, Gluttony, Envy, Lust, Wrath, Sloth, Pride; they are all sins which dwell within the heart of each individual human. They whisper to us, they reach for us, they try to tempt us with the sweetest of words, with promises of a brighter tomorrow and a wealthier future. They lure us down the road of depravity, and by fulfilling our wishes, let us end in tragedy.

    Constantly lurking in the shadows, they await their pray.

    Bind themselves to us with contracts, and in the end with our sullied soul we pay.


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    Dominic Rintarou - Contracted to Belial
    Dominic can be quite the troublesome character at times. Though usually having a rather easygoing and straight forward, he is also quite socially clumsy, often forgetting to mind his manners and simply speaking his mind, about whatever it now may be. This also includes cracking jokes in inappropriate situation, of irritating people to the point that it's not funny anymore. Often, he doesn't even mean to be annoying. Dominic is hot headed and quick to act, though therefor often does so without thinking. Despite treating most people rather rudely at first meet, thus more often making enemies than friends, Domenic does have a softer side he rare shows. He is easily embarrassed when things don't go the way he initially imagined, thought often tries to hide it. Once he genuinely cares about someone, he goes to all lengths to see to this persons happiness. Because of certain experiences in his past, however, he doesn't easily let people get close to him. He is also stubborn as hell.

    Ryuuji Katsuragi - Contracted to
    Ryuuji feels himself inadequate compared to others. His competitive nature is offset by his loss count and his friends and two siblings who excel in other fields, though a loss in anything he takes almost personal. Though he has confidence in his own ability, his losing track record has caused him to lose faith in himself. His self depreciation manifests itself in his snarky and sarcastic remarks to others.
    Ryuuji dreams of being heroic. His small time attempts at rescuing others from bullies and helping people have ended poorly. He's taken a beating more than a few times. The last time he tried to 'save' someone, the person he tried to save ended up more hurt than they probably would've without his interference, causing Ryuuji to go into depression and blame himself and all his actions, though he tries to keep it to himself.

    Shiro Akaze - Contracted to Frederica Bernkastel
    Shiro was always the kind of person who had a positive outlook in life. He would never give up hope no matter how small it would be. This proved to be beneficial to him for quite some time as he was able to manage to quickly get over the disappearance of his parents and focus on raising his younger sister, Misaki. He is quite fond of his sister but his whole world fell into ruin when she passed away due to lukemia. Without his cheerful sister, he lost all hope in life and decided that a life without her is not a life worth living.
    Shiro can always be seen wearing his favorite jacket which serves as his only memento from Misaki. He has silvery-white hair, ruby colored eyes, and a pale complexion. Despite his slender appearance, he is quite strong and can put up a good fight.

    Janos Naoko - Contracted to Iris Hikaru
    Janos , is very calm and collected when in public. In fact, quite sociable. Though despite this he often looks down on himself and can't seem to find his place- he feels that people only mock him while on the outside he knows that there are those that truly do care.
    rowing up for the first 10 years of his life in Pecs, Hungary, he learned Hungarian as a first language and grew up with having a lot of patriotism for his homeland. However when he was 11, his father was reassigned as a diplomat to Japan- forcing him to leave behind his motherland and friends. The young Janos would never forget this, and though he would never truly come to rue the day he left- he is still quite sad. Nothing, to him, beats the coffee shops in Budapest where he would spend his summers.

    Atsuko Hasegawa - Contracted to Zephar and Furfur
    Atsuko has a very blunt personality and will, mostly, speak her mind. The few things she keeps to herself deal with her self confidence which is constantly wavering in her head. She is mildly sociable, preferring to have a few friends who are true friends than many people who she just calls friends. When it comes to things she doesn't understand, she often avoids it as best as she can (e.g. Ghosts, School subjects, people etc). When people begin to hit on her, she often runs away from that person and avoids them.
    Brief Appearance Description: Atsuko has a slightly masculine appearance, mostly because of her face. A long time ago she mostly kept her hair short but because of someone she liked, she's been growing it long for many years. She's not very curvy but does have slightly large things and hips.

    Lily Lockwood - Contracted to Kai Montél
    Lilly always got whatever she wanted when she was younger, and even into her adult years. She is quite crude and rude towards anyone near her, expecting everything that a "rich class" girl deserves. Most afternoons, she is quite the lazy little lady, lounging around on couches and watching movies or playing games. However if something peaks her interest, you can be she'll be the first person on site. Once someone finds their way through her asshole exterior, she's actually decently kind on the inside; not to be mistaken with full-fledged goody two shoes. She is normally arrogant and very snobby, but all her life she had been raised knowing she could get whatever she wanted, so supposedly that's why she has an awful exterior attitude. When night falls her personality takes a 180 from innocent to seductress, she tends to find the fun in games such as that and won't stop easy.

    Jennifer Wilson - Contracted to Xiao
    The only child to the Wilson Family. She is of middle class status. Her father works as a chef in a small and quaint restaurant. She had grown to love cooking from her father and the love of reading and writing from her mother who was a teacher. At the age of 10, her mother died, it hit her father hard and he became an alcoholic by night and he would beat her when he saw her. He died when she was 11 of a car crash and she had lived in an orphanage since then. No one wanted to take her in for she was quite old. Due to her age, the orphanage had treated her like a servant; she did the chores, help around with the kids, e.t.c. She was deprived of food if she had not completed her work or they would lock her up in her room for the whole day. School was worse where she was bullied almost every time because of her short stature and being an orphan. They would taunt her with names so much so that her hatred for this world boiled inside her. When she had manage to land herself in a foster home, her fate had became worse than ever.

    Aika Sasaki - Contracted to Kazumi Izanagi
    Aika with her Italian lineage was born of darker skin unlike her fellow Japanese. She was blessed with beautiful wavy, sandy brown hair that flows just past her cheeks. Generally she grooms it so it frames her face just right, and looks well kept. She has a baby face with a cute button nose and sky blue eyes, which makes her look younger than her actual age. She has a general petite frame, with a bust size of 38 A, long skinny legs, frail arms with dainty hands, and a small waist size. Though she has a lean figure, she is not lanky since she reaches a height of only five feet and three inches, and weighs only ninty-seven pounds.
    In a matter of style, Aika makes it her goal to look proper and dignified, yet girly and cute. Depending on the occasion she will wear professional outfits with blazers, blouses, pencil skirts, ect. However, when at home or in casual wear she wears a wide variety of frilly or laced items, knee socks, leggings, mary janes, flats, boots, ect. Although, a common look for her would be a pair of light blue shorts with a white collared blouse hidden underneath a navy blue button up frilled cardigan with light blue/lavender buttons, and a lavender draw string hood. She'll match this outfit with blue and lavender polka-dot on white thigh highs and lavender colored school flats or mary janes. To accessories she'll tie a purple and white bandanas in her hair, which ultimately helps keep it up, one that is solid purple, and a second one that is polka doted navy and lavender on white. She'll wear a brooch above her heart depending on the month, day, weather, occasion, or holiday. Aika also paints her nails according to the outfit she wears that day.



    Belial [Akimitsu] - Contracted to Dominic Rintarou
    His personality is quite easygoing but also exceedingly selfish and has a tendency to sulk if things don't go his way. Basically does whatever he wants. Also enjoys harassing people, especially those he contracts with. Belial has slightly wavy pink hair that just passes his shoulders. His eyes are a pale yellow-gold colour, and he tends to wear casual clothing when in the human world, occasionally asking contractees for advice if it seems necessary

    Xaio Hikaru - Contracted to Jenifer Wilson
    His build is not a giant, but he is tall and lean, his body scuplted to that of his liking, and his strength one to not be undermined. He has scars that riddle his tall olive hued body, his voice that more of a deep tone, one that gets under ones bones and clings to it making movement almost complicated. His piercing red eyes like bullets to ones souls, as his pupils seem to be small but so noticible by the mean color of red that covers the real him. His snow white hair also distract's most, as he used to have valiant black hair but not anymore. His hair had turned completely white over night, but as they see the white hair, some mistake him for...a holy one. but it is great due to the fact of contracts, giving people the feeling of being a bit more safe.

    Frederica Bernkastel - Contracted to Shrio Akaze
    Frederica appears cold and emotionless, speaking in a monotonous tone. Despite her cute looks and how she seems emotionless, she truly has an extremely twisted personality. She is very sadistic and is willing to kill and sacrifice anything or anyone for her own amusement. She has a tendency to hold grudges and that even a century won't make her forget the humiliation she suffered.

    Zephar and Furfur - Contracted to Atsuko Hasegawa
    This ancient demon known as "The demon of love" may trace back to the creation of man, as the snake who seduced Adam and Eve into taking a bite off the fruit of knowledge. When it pleases, it can be reborn as a different entity, sometimes being benevolent and kind while sometimes being evil and malevolent, the current incarnation is flimsy and excentric.

    Orange Le'fuer - Contracted to
    Despite the incredible insolence and waste she assigns "consuming souls", Orange has devoured hundreds upon hundreds. Her contracts end quickly. Most people end up begging for their souls to be taken rather than having to handle her constant challenges, whims, and inconsiderate sass. Incredibly Independent, Orange ridicules and delights upon finding people without the same capacity for individuality. To conform is utter stupidity, and "proper" women and men make her sneer. She takes great pride in her unreserved and untamed qualities, as well as her seeming inablity to be controlled, even while obeying a contract. She will not speak to dumb people. Will not, not under any circumstances, unless it's to make them miserable. With Orange, what you see and hear is most certainly not what you get. Most of what she does, however dizzy or whimsy it might seem, usually has a deeply thought out ulterior motive. She's capable of profound thought and intellect - it's just that she rarely deems an entity worth speaking to on such a level.

    Iris Hikaru - Contracted to Janos Naoko
    Iris is the only daughter and third child of the Hikaru family. Coming from a wealthy background, she was given anything and everything that she wanted without having to do much at all. With two older brothers, Iris developed a brother complex since they were the only male figures in her life, constantly keeping by them and wanting to have their attention on her. Iris rarely ever opens her mouth to speak even to her family members, but they are all able to communicate with her by reading her body language and through mental connection. Iris' mother is extremely doting on her and her brothers, never wanting to disappoint them in any way yet she also expects perfection from each child.
    Because of her manipulative ability and intellect, Iris has been able to consume many souls at her young age compared to most demons. Taking great pride in her efforts, Iris hopes to find a human who challenges her.

    Dimmie - Contracted to
    Dimme is neither good, nor evil. She will do anything to have some fun. She is manipulative, stubborn, energetic (Sometimes just plain hyper), and gets bored easily, but she can also be kind, understanding, and very protective over the ones she loves (the very few she loves). She will follow her master's orders as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Kasumi Izanagi - Contracted to Aika Sasaki
    Kasumi is generally quite, watching with amusement or just out of necessity. She decides often to not include herself unless its ultimately required that she participate. Kasumi is far from lazy as she detests even the slightest inclination of laziness or even failure, giving up being the one thing she has no tolerance for. She holds few in high regards and so barely speaks with another other than Aika due to the contract between them. To her, the only thing she needs to do is make sure that Aika continues to live to fulfill contract requirements, if she can. She can be quite skeptical to many things promised by mortals since they tend to be quite foolish in her eyes. In the rare moments she releases her strict guard, Kasumi will remain within pools of water, enjoying the comfort it provides her. Despite her reasons being the contract, some of her actions are fueled by amusements by events. She has no regrets other than the loss of her lover before her descent to hell. Killing is no longer a event for her as she will kill with ease, uncaring and stoic even. As long as the blood does not spill within untainted water she will complete it with ease. If it does ruin any clothes she favors or a pool she has become comfortable in she tends to fly into a fit of rage, one that is hardly stilled. Occasionally she can act quite childish but she only relaxed around those of her kind if they have proved not to be an enemy. She can endure large amounts of physical and mental pain but due to previous emotional scars she tends to lack resistance in this area, often causing her to lose control and fall into rage easily if tempted.

    Kai Montél - Contracted to Lily Lockwood
    Kai is the spawn of a human woman who lost faith in God. Right before imminent death from an intentional car crash, a demon asked her if she wanted to live. Of course, the woman replied with a yes. The lady lived a happy life and got pregnant from a man with a decent job. The woman decided that she would not tell her husband about the demon assisting her in the shadows. Then the night when the woman went into labor came. The lady was too frail and died in childbirth, giving life to a baby boy who died only moments later. The soul of the woman was taken for the contract, but the boy's wasn't. Instead, the baby would later became a demon who would initiate contracts with others. This boy was Kai.



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    Considering the amount of characters we have, just having one major plot which involves everyone throughout the whole RP, would be next to impossible. Therefor, I am planning on letting I Command Thee consist of many smaller plot lines (and some larger) which intertwine and make our characters cross roads. Throughout the RP, I will make possible events events available, which in turn will further develop the world and build the story.

    This does not, however mean that you are completely restricted to my plot ideas, and you are more than welcome to add in your own ideas. Never be afraid to PM me if there is anything plot-wise you could like to discuss. I am a very open and agreeable person, so I would be sure to listen to your ideas.

    Here I will post info about several smaller events you can trigger if you so like. Some might lead to larger events being triggered and the world being expanded, whilst some may just serve as pure entertainment for the moment. The amount of people and characters required for the events may variate, as well as the types of characters needed.



    I. Where is my pet?
    You and your demon partner see notes about a lost pet hanging around town while walking around an afternoon. On your way somewhere else you suddenly spot a white bunny fitting the description of a lost pet. Deciding that you have nothing better to do, the two of you begin your chase after the long eared fluffy ball. Soon enough, however, you notice not everything is at it seams... and the lady putting up the note might have left out a minor detail of this little... pet.

    Required Participants: 1 Pair- the human must be the type of person who would actually try catch the lost pet upon spotting it. Well, either that or the demon must have a soft spot for bunnies/animals.

    Taken By: None

    II. A Scoop of Bloody News
    Pair A: News about the serial killings in Kabukichu district are all across the news, including the fact that the murderer is still going lose. One evening while on the way somewhere with your demon accompanying you, you see someone exit one of the restaurant. Instantly, your demon notices something is off about the person, but you make nothing of it. Later that evening while heading home, you and your demon find this person gruesomely murdered in the most morbid of fashions. After days of this being on your mind, unable to let go of the mysterious case, you decide to use your demon as the chess piece needed in order to solve this mystery.

    Pair B: Despite knowing of the murders in Kabukichu, you could never have imagined that this would happen. Seven days after the incident pair A witnessed, you and your demon find yourself attending the funeral of a dear family member/friend. Grief stricken and filled with hate towards whomever not only murdered one of the people you held dear, but also did it in such a gruesome and humiliating fashion... you decide to take it upon yourself to hunt down the culprit and bestow justice upon them yourself. Little did you anticipate that this will lead you to cross road with another contracted pair.

    Required Participants: 2 Pairs, pair A must have someone curious who has a liking to puzzles and solving mysteries, no matter how gruesome they may be. Pair B must have someone dear to them who could possibly have been the victim.

    Taken By: None

    III. Kidnapping
    Damn it, you demon! You shouldn't have taken your eyes off your human for a split second- how much of a moron can you be? Anyway, what happened was that your human was kidnapped by some mysterious shady people while you are out following whatever order you were given. When you returned back to report to your master, he/she was nowhere to be found. You're damn right if you think it's your duty to set after them and find the one your serve now at once.

    Required Participants: 1 Pair- preferably with a master who is fairly weak and cannot fend for themselves well, plus has their demons do simple duties such as cook, clean, go grocery shopping... you know, that kind of stuff? It would be a simple reason for the demon to let him/her out of their sight.

    Taken By: Sinopa and Accelerator

    IV. Hacking Secrets
    One hot, summer afternoon you receive an email from a mysterious person, asking you to hack a system known as W.I.Z.A.R.D. The email contains all info you need to make it possible, though it also states that you 'under no circumstances are to open the document called Phoenix, which is what I request.' Of course, you are also promised a good amount of money in compensation for the trouble. What will you do?

    Required Participants: 1 Pair- as far as I know, Janos is the only one eligible for this event. It ties in with the others, however, and although they do not depend on it, without this event not all clues will be complete.
    V. Harboring the Runaway
    It is late in the evening and you are just about to head off to bed when someone suddenly knocks on the door of your room. Wearily and perhaps slightly annoyed, you open the door only to find your butler standing there, his/her hand holding on to a teenagers shirt collar firmly. It turns out that this dirty and bruised boy has run away from home for reasons he doesn't seem to want to talk about, and slipped through the window because it happened to be open and since someone was after him, he didn't have time to do anything else. Will you chose to aid this child in his escape? Or will you turn him down and kick him out.

    Required Participants: 1 Pair- it should be someone kind enough to take pity on him, though it certainly isn't a total requirement.


    These are all the events for now. Once they have been cleared, some will unlock new events, while others will expand upon the world and add to the (more or less) main large plot of the story.

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