I cAn'ttt

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gAh 1 on 1 rps are what im best at uhm!!
I just made an account on here a bit ago and alrEADY IM ITCHING TO ROLEPLAY UHM.

I usually roleplay m/m but not really that intEnse(cough) because then ill probably get really awkward and uncomfortable

I will state some errors I have with rping
I can easily become braindead and either not reply for awhile or send really short posts. I'll try my best not to thiugh.

im more likely to ask you if you have a plot because im afraid that if I share what I want to use it will either sound really crappy to me or you wont like it

I can get really uncomfortable in certain situations in roleplays, which may lead to an end.

other stuff???

im not a grammar nazi when in comes to ooc chat but ic I might get a bit correcty-yyy??? feel free to do the same back if I do the same

I might, despite my characters personality, totally act ooc, which is either because im experimenting, I really dont care, or I forgot a certain detail of the character

im awkward

im awkward

im so very awkward

ill ask thousands upon millions of questions before an rp gets started because im
aw k w a r d

sO um I don't really think that was what I'm supposed to do but hey!! I'm searching for a partner to have a roleplay with and yeah!! Feel free to ask. or not if I seem to eh
thats okay!! wont judge!
but if you do want to roleplay ill help develop a plot if you need one uhm

so yah!!!

Not open for further replies.