I can't stand him!

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  1. So I have this idea for a college rp:

    I play a girl who was unfortunate enough to end up rooming with a boy. The boy is a bit of a perv and soon begins to tease her. She gets annoyed and the rp is a lot of him teasing her and trying to get her to like him. Smut is allowed.

    For example, he texts her pics of him all day, sleeps next to her at night and jokes about it, braids her hair, ect. I'd liked him to be a player type character as well.

  2. I am a bit interested, though i'm no good at player type characters. I can definitely get behind teasing though. Not exactly the best at playing perverse chars either since i prefer chemistry. But i am still interested. I suppose i could try to do such a thing, but it would be the first time i do such a char so i hope that would be alright?
  3. Sounds like a plan!
  4. Alright then, i look forward to having fun with this rp.
  5. The idea is you tease me, the girl, a lot. Like sleeping in bed with her, sending dirty pictures, telling her friends, ect.
  6. believe me i've already grasped that. The ultimate goal is to try and have them hook up through his constant teasing and strange adoration of her. Correct?
  7. Correct, and don't be afraid to get dirty.

    If you got it we can start!
  8. my mind is full of many things mere humans can not comprehend. Let us begin and indulge in the awkwardness of constant flirt and teasing of a female.
  9. Shall I make the thread or do you want to?
  10. I suppose you should. It's your idea after all.
  11. I had known about it before you even made this post dear. My eyes are ever vigilant. )