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  1. When creating an interest check thread, in the OOC, what do...some of the tags mean? Some of them just baffle me and leave me confused, is there a FAQ page for this? I couldn't find one
  2. At the moment there is no FAQ page that answers what the different prefixes means.

    If you're curious on what a prefix means you can either google it, or ask about that/those specific prefix/es in the help desk, which you can continue doing in this thread.
  3. Well some of them are pretty self-explanatory, and don't take a genius to figure out

    I was thinking there really ought to be a function built in where if you hover your cursor over one, a brief explanation shows up

    But the biggest offenders for me by far are 'fluff' 'buckets of tears' and 'its a kissing book'

  4. Fluff - like snuggles and daily life stuff that isn't 'plot' or super exciting

    It's a Kissing Book - ROMANCE ROMANCE ROMANCE

    Bucket of Tears - You WILL cry if you have a heart <3

    At least I think so, but these aren't prefixes and I thought we did have something that went over all of these content tags?
  5. Fluff is typically used to talk about detailed description of things that are not plot-important, and perhaps tangential lines of thought that aren't directly related to the story. It's generally discouraged, but there are some people who enjoy writing it and reading it.

    Buckets of tears is supposed to denote that the roleplay will have lots of emotional moments that may be tear-jerking! ;___;

    And the "It's a kissing book" simply denotes that romance and kissing are likely. ^^
  6. I would never have picked that out for prefixes and tags
  7. Wait, are you needing help with something else? >.< You mentioned prefixes but earlier you'd asked about specific content tags...
  8. The things I mentioned are what I'd call tags and prefixes, evidently my terms are inaccurate

    So say if I 'tag' a roleplay to have 'it's a kissing book' or something, I'd call that a prefix or 'tag' but evidently that's inaccurate terminology here
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  9. To others, yes. That's only because it's confusing though. What the 'prefixes' are on here are things like 'interest check', 'partner request', and 'group rp plotting', etc. The 'tags' are indeed, 'It's A Kissing Book', 'Buckets of Tears', etc. That's why it's deemed 'inaccurate', but as long as you clarify what you mean with other people, no confusion should spread, right? ^^
  10. Well, it was me misunderstanding first.

    Tags can be written in with free-form writing right above the create thread button when you're creating your OOC/IC thread. (This feature is completely new though, and Diana has not made an official "HEY THIS EXISTS" thread, so it might still be tested xD) There're no tags to choose from, you just make them yourself. Usually when people say tag, they confuse it with prefixes, which made me think you meant prefix.

    Prefixes are the genre you choose for your roleplay (or in the IC threads, if it's open, closed, private. In interest check if it's group discussion or interest check, etc.) and is right beside the thread title box.

    What you're talking about are the content ratings, and as already has been pointed out, they are in the FAQ and can be found under 'what is the content rating guide for iwaku'.

    @Diana Maybe it would be a good idea to see the explanation for the content ratings when you hover over them, just like with the posting expectations? If it's possible to add. :)
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