I can't even.

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  1. Please, go ape-crap berserk. I dare you all. Random is my middle name! Bring it on! I am Señor Bacon!
  2. Funny enough I was just pointing someone to the proper thread for this...

    BEHOLD!The Insanity thread!
  3. Why I say, is that a shitpost thread I spot on the horizon?

    Señor Bacon, meet Señorita Huevo!
  4. This

    This is why we need a place to contain shit posting.
  5. Wait, there's a thread for this? Sorry. I'll fix this.
  6. Not really. :/
    You pointed me to a thread that was already mentioned earlier on.

    Not towards a section which is what was being discussed/suggested.
  7. Ok, I don't know how to fix it.
  8. That seems mostly semantics to me. You want a place to shit post and we have that. It's not up to par for you in particular and that sounds more like a personal problem than anything else.
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  9. Look at the bottom of the page, do you see a grey column named "helpful links"? Under it are a bunch of links, including one that says "request a thread moderation". Click that, and ask for your thread to be merged into the Insanity Thread :3
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  10. As addressed in the last thread.
    Keeping spam posting a specific thread tends to get leeks.

    Because spam posting tends to try to create it's own culture.
    A forum culture doesn't get contained to a single thread, but it can be contained to a single section or sub-section.

  11. In all seriousness: There would be leaks either way. One thread is more than sufficient to scream whatever random shit you want to.
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  12. We had leaks to the General chatting forum while the 'shitposting section' was still around too.
    I was quite active in The Asylum the first few years as a member on Iwaku, but now I don't see the point with it.
    What is the big deal? Aren't there other places on the interwebs where you can 'shitpost'?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.