I cant believe i am asking this...

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  1. does anyone want to do an anime/book/game series rp?

    rattle off some names if you want to

    MalexFemale though with me as the male
  2. Soul Eater, Bleach, Rosario Vampire, Vampire Knight, Trigun, FF, KH, Tales of Series. lol I'm up for it!
  3. hmmmm....tough choices on that one...
  4. lol ya, i currently have a small list of anime/game rps i wanna do.
  5. something liek SAO or Log Horizon?
  6. Ooohhhh SAO!!!
  7. lol i looked at ur bio :P
  8. lol so did I
  9. ur gonna have to explain SAO to me a bit because i prefer log horizon more >.>
  10. Basically, SAO was a game created with virtual reality technology. You moved your body to move the character. Well the creator announced to the players opening day that they couldnt leave the game. if someone removed them from the gear they'd fry their brain and dying in the game meant the same thing. So everyone had to survive until someone beat the final boss of it, at which point everyone would be let free.
  11. i meant the rules and classes and stuff sorry XD
  12. oh okay. lol. There are are no 'classes' just using what weapons you want. As for rules, player killing can happen outside towns but not inside, some areas can block you from using items, you can run stores instead of fighting, basically its like real life with monsters outside and no guns and such for weapons.
  13. das gay D: what was the fairy one they were in right after?
  14. They could fly. there were no weapons only magic lol
  15. i gusta that one :D
  16. Also, in that one, there were nine races, each specilizing in different magic. Spriggan(Illusion) Sylph(Wind) Salamander(Fire) Undine(Water) Gnome (Earth) Imp(Dark) Pooka(Buffs/Debuffs) Leprachaun(Magitechnology. like making a robot to fight for it) and Cait Sith(Animal)
  17. whats the difference between imps and spriggans in regards to the magic?
  18. It was hard for me to understand the difference but from what I could tell, Spriggans could go invisible or make people see things or beleive things that werent true. So kinda like mind control to an extent. It affects a persons senses but not their body. Imps were more like using dark energy to shoot a arrow or something lol there was maybe only one time an Imp was shown.
  19. imma be an imp!btw im a dude so...yeah
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  20. I am too but i can play a female no problem. I'll play a Cait Sith
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