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How many of these are you interested in?

  1. None, these all suck.

  2. 1-6

  3. 7-12

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  4. 13-18

  5. Some sound cool, but let me suggest something else to you (by way of PM)

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  1. I will roleplay just about everything with just about anyone, so if there is something in particular you are looking for, even if it isn't on my list, then let me know. I play both female and male gender characters and I prefer romance in my RPs (Libertine RPs are the exception).

    The following are the categories I would like to find a partner to RP with. (Not all of these have to have sex in them.)


    The 100 (open)

    Alice in Wonderland (any version) (open)
    ~Alice/Hatter's Son
    ~Alice's Daughter/Hatter
    ~Alice's Daughter/Hatter's Son
    ~Alice's Son/Hatter's Daughter

    Harry Potter (open)
    ~Sirius/Voldemort's Daughter

    Groups (open)
    ~Disney High School
    ~Land of Nekos
    ~Shifter High School
    ~Sex Slave Market
    ~Totally Spies

    Pairings (open)
    ~Human Owner/Neko Slave
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  2. Hello, I'd be interested in Alice/Hatter, Alice's daughter/Hatter's son, or Harry Potter, if you could play someone for me. I'd also be interested in Hades/Persephone.
  3. I'm interested in doing angel x demon.
  4. Hello, Im interested in Alice's daughter/Hatter's son and angel/demon. I would prefer playing the female however.
  5. Hi I'd be interested in the Human OwnerxNeko Slave but maybe change it up a bit to a cluless owner and a confident Neko who had only been recently caught but if you wanted to do the normal version then that is ok too.
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