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  1. Alright, so I am up for any role play really, but just for fun here are a few ideas that might sound interesting to try...
    I love school role plays so maybe high school popular kid/loser kid fall for each other?
    Or I also love test lab mayhem! Meaning, anthro type characters are made in a lab, and they escape and may or may not fall madly in love!
    Or Cowboy/Cowgirl role play?
    I also love
    Slave or Master
    War hero/ Longing lover at home letters to and from...
    Or anything your little heart desires!
    M/M, F/M, F/F or whatever!
    I'm open!
    If you have a suggestion I would love to hear it!
    Fantasy, Modern, Sci-Fi, whatever!
    All I need is you.
  2. I have been wanting to do a high school role-play for a long time, and I think you sound like a good person to do one with ^-^ I'm interested in the anthro one as well. Or anything fantasy. Like you, I am okay with most anything.
  3. Anthro school type role play?
  4. Sure, or unless you just wanted to do either a school role-play, or the anthro lab-made one
  5. Well I have been looking for a roleplay partner for a while now, I have a few loose plots in my head that I suppose would fall into the Modern Fantasy Supernatural genres. I must admit when I thought them up I didn't imagine them being romantic but I suppose that all depends on the characters. I haven't really done this before but if you were/are interested I could send you a PM with more detail about the plot.
  6. Axinite- That would be lovely!
    Celtic- Whatever you would like to do!
  7. I think I'm feeling the lab experiments gone amuck one. Is the lab creating super-humans or what kind of anthro's are they creating?
  8. I'm thinking they were born in the lab, when scientists took human dna and combined it with that of an animals. I know some might consider that something different, but still sounds fun, and if this doesn't work we can do the school type role play and if that don't work we can try the combination of the two.
  9. I actually love the idea of being a humanoid-animal anthro. Are we going to do character development throughout the role-play, or would you prefer to do a character bio before we do the role-play. Either is fine with me ^^
  10. Small charry bio before role play... you know, age, discription, pint of blood, animal type-your choice, what it did. How you look, small little character discription...
  11. Yup, I can do that. Are you okay if I have a female character?
  12. Sure. You want me as a male or female?
  13. Either is fine, which ever you think will be easier or have more fun doing.
  14. Well I can do either, so really, it's whatever you feel more comfortable with. If you want to post a small cs and I'll decide after that?
  15. Well unfortunately I can't send you a private message yet, probably because you only joined so recently. I suppose I will just tell you about my idea here.
    The idea in my head ties into a few of the things you requested, mainly the school scenario. It takes place in modern day Japan although there isn't an actual city I can think of that perfectly fits the setting. The city is rather small as far as cities go and has a shopping center as well as private businesses, a few movie theaters, a train station connecting to a few other larger cities, and a few schools. Rumors travel around this place quickly, especially those that involve murders or ghosts.
    The main idea about this roleplay is that there is a boy who considers himself a ghost hunter (or exorcist if the need be). Most people either find him weird and stay away from him or find him amusing and edge him on. What they don't know is that he is one hundred percent serious, about the existence of ghosts and monsters as well as his abilities with dealing with them. When a new rumor starts up or strange things start happening you can be certain he will go and investigate it. He also places an add in the local news paper, which helps him find more cases. In a sense he is one of the popular kids, but not in your typical way. Everyone knows his name but they don't seriously think much of him.
    Your character, who ever they may be, will see him actually taking care of a monster or a ghost. For some reason or another your character decides to stick around with him and they go on a few adventures. There is some sort of overlapping mystery in the sense he himself is a mystery, one I would assume your character would want to figure out.
    This roleplay strongly focuses on Japanese folklore as well as your more generic ghost stories. The ghost/monsters will range from silly to murderous and chances are it will involve some less than pleasant people/creatures. Nothing too scary, or at least nothing I consider scary. Whether or not some romance works it's way in depends on the characters as previously mentioned. The characters won't have many powers, if they due they are traceable to a certain supernatural point. (For example the boy has an ability that helps him see spirits, he got this ability after a near death experience.) Simple things like that.
    So uh, if you interested let me know kay? I've never been good at explaining things.
  16. Sounds like fun Axinite, I would love to!
  17. Alright then, I suppose I will just get the forum started. Then again I would also like to see your character beforehand, course that is merely my curiosity, if you could send me a private message with the details of her/him that would be splendid. Would you like me to create a template for him/her and send that first?
  18. Axinite- Yes that would probably help a lot!
  19. Name: Annie
    Age: Unknown, but was the last creation to be made in the lab before they escaped
    Gender: Female
    Background: Annie is intelligent and picks up on subtle things - very observant. All she has ever known is the lab, never been outside. The scientists taught her several languages, and taught her all about nature and how to survive in it. (More to come/be revealed/develop.)
    Description of character: (Character has a very tribal-esque feel) Her long white hair that reaches almost to the back of her knees. Several braids scatter her hair, and some have beads. Her black and white tiger ears pick up even the faintest sound. Her golden eyes allow her to see as clear in the night as she can in the day. Her black facial markings were there when she was "born" and won't come off. The black markings continue down her arms and down her torso and legs. Her long tail also is white with black markings. Her skin is a pale-ish colour with some sun to it.

    (I don't own the picture blah blah)
  20. listen I have some things to do. I shall return soon!