I Can Be Serious... Sometimes [Reserved For flachel421]

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    Name: Fred Weasley
    Age: 16
    Year in School: 6th
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Species: Human - Wizard
    Blood Status: Pure
    Wand: Click here

    Height | Weight: 5'11" | 145 lbs
    Hair Colour | Eye Colour: Ginger | Auburn

    Fred is just as goofy as his brother George. They're always causing mischief and always up to something funny at someone's expense; sometimes their own. He and George are able to finish each other's sentences and often do. They love to trade places too. Fred is incredibly smart just like George; however, their intelligence differs. Fred is the idea twin whereas George is the twin who can figure out how to apply it. Fred is also the more vengeful twin. He will hold a grudge and lose his temper quicker than George. Thankfully, George is always there to calm him down.

    I'd put this but we know it already :3​
  2. Name: Natalia Marie Blackburn
    Age: 16
    Year in School: 6th
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Species: Human - Witch
    Blood Status: Half-Blood
    Wand: 9 inches, English Oak wood, springy, bordering on sturdy, phoenix feather core

    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 125ish lbs
    Hair Color: Brunette
    Eye Color: Grey

    Appearance: ((Since there's really no picture as a frame of reference or anything, I just thought I'd do something really quick)). Long, straight, thick dark brown hair, side part, side bangs, some slight layers in the front that frame the face, medium-fair skin tone ((not really sure, just imagine whatever you think looks best)), piercing grey eyes.

    Personality: She has a 'do no harm but take no shit' philosophy, and she's got the 'do no harm' part down, as she's generally a very nice person, but she's still working on the 'take no shit' part. However, when she's pissed, she lets you know she's pissed. If you make her angry and she feel comfortable around you, you're going to know she's angry. When she's tired she can be a bit of a crabass, and when she's irritated she can get kind of snappy and defensive, but she always apologizes. She's kind of quiet and shy, but once you get to know her she really opens up to you. She likes to goof off and can be rather silly sometimes. She's a big procrastinator on homework, but she's very intelligent and somehow manages to maintain good mars. She can be stubborn as hell around friends, even when it's in her best interest to change her mind, although when she's around people she doesn't know she tends to let everyone step on her. ((Sorry, not very good at explaining personalities, I can never decide how I want them to act. She'll probably just develop herself as I roleplay)).

    History: Natalia is a half-blood; father was a wizard, mother is a muggle. Her father was killed in a battle with dark wizards before Voldemort disappeared, putting Natalia at aged two or three. She doesn't remember much about him, except that he would read her bedtime stories at night. As a result, she was raised like a muggle, though her mother knew about her father's magic so she was told at a young age she was half-magical. The idea thrilled Natalia, that she was something special - she felt so ordinary, she liked being special. Sometimes at muggle school she got picked on for not having a father,(little kids are jerks, her mom would say), and she just took it. Ever since then, she's been telling herself not to take any shit, but isn't very successful. The few times she has stood up for someone, it's been for her friends, not for herself. In Natalia's first year at Hogwarts, her mother got remarried to a muggle man, and now Natalia has three younger siblings - two almost four year old twins, a little boy named Julian and a little girl named Jadzia, and a newborn baby boy named Lysander. She's got a few muggle friends and a few wizard friends, and she keeps in touch with them all. She has a good relationship with her mother and her step-dad, and tries to go home during the holidays as often as possible. She had a boyfriend last year, a short one the summer before her fifth year at Hogwarts, but he cheated on her with some blonde chick so she dumped him. One of her friends blamed it on her, because apparently she was supposed to track his every move and not let him hang out with any other girls, but Natalia wasn't really the jealous type. Now, though, she'll probably be a little more careful.
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