I blew up my test forum - AND OTHER THINGS THAT GO HORRIBLY WRONG. >:/

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  1. >:/ Before we run updates on Iwaku, I will occasionally run tests on a test forum to see if it's safe. That way bad things dun happen to Iwaku.

    I blew up my test forum. ;_______;

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  2. I thought every update that goes through Test blows up the Test Forum. D:

    I've practiced on my wicked numchucks and blasted my boys on accident a few times.
  3. I think Diana does that on purpose.

    Stress test and stuff.

    Tried practicing cutting wood with an axe and missed.

    Sliced off the entire side of my shoe. Didn't touch the skin.

    Now I don't chop logs.
  4. The only thing I can think of didn't go extremely wrong, but I guess it still fits.

    One time when I was 13 years old I tried to repair a pair of headphones despite having no real knowledge of how to do such a thing. It was a cheap pair of the earbud kind, and one of the wires had snapped completely. I peeled away some of the plastic exterior stuff and just kinda twisted the frayed ends of the wire together, then tested them out. Didn't think to cover them, didn't think it might be a good idea to test them while not wearing them, I just put them on and gave it a go. The exposed wires zapped my cheek and the shoddy repair didn't even work. :<
  5. Grandfather did this once with the old cable adapter for my Super Nintendo. He had it all open and was soldering shit left and right.

    Somehow it worked. Still does..
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  6. Skipping. I almost blinded myself, knocked myself out, and killed my dog in one session.

    Being 6"5 in a low-roofed house trying to improve your physical ability by jumping up and down evidently is a terrible idea. Everything was going great in my skipping session when I hit myself in the eye, which caused me to jump slightly higher in panic, which caused me to bash my head against the wall, which caused me to fall backwards inches away from where my dog was sitting. My dog didn't seem to care anyway. My first and last time trying to use skipping as a form of exercise.
  7. Almost every time I want to make something new for dinner, I do a lunch sized test run for myself

    There is usually a LOT of adjusting necessary >.<
  8. When I was riding my bike downhill and had the bright idea of pull out my phone in the middle of it.
    Only thing preventing me of flying in front of a car was gravity being on my side.
  9. When I used to take computing, barely anything worked the first time. Which is to be expected.
    The one that really stood out to me, however, was the one where I tried to make a text-based adventure game.

    Code that broken hasn't been seen since the release of The Imitation Game.
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  11. I tried building my own go-cart and the damn thing blew up when attempting a second test run. I suffered some 2nd degree burns from that.

    My first time cutting a tree down flattened someone's pickup truck.

    Practiced shooting an old black powder rifle and nearly lost my face when I put the wrong powder in it. (This is one is arguably my worst fail)

    Countless roleplays in the past ended up in the RP graveyard.

    Tested a friend's attempt to make raw sushi. I was laid up for a week from food poisoning.

    The countless times I electrocuted myself installing new electrical units and being around electrical stuff period. I'm like a lightning rod.

    I "tested the suspension" on my motorcycle and ended up high siding. Luckily I had a few cracked ribs and fractured wrist.

    This list can go on.
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  12. *gets popcorn*
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  13. What can I say? I'm accident prone.

    How the hell did you think I got here? :drunk:
  14. Not sure if this counts, but when I was 2, I wrote on the wall, and blamed it on the cat.

    Needless to say, they didn't buy it.
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  15. When I was 2 my Mom had walked in to find me drawing on the wall... With my poop.
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  16. I can see some things don't change after how many years? I mean with this new thread shitting signature you have and how you like to shit on other people's uh...shit.

    Ahem. At least you're consistent.
  17. Gross.
  18. Found you!
  19. P.E, aproximately 6th grade, jumping/acrobatics exercises:

    Misjudged a jump, landed on my face and nearly broke my neck in the process.

    P.E (again), aproximately 7th grade, cx running:

    Lost my orientation in the forest, decided to run to a field to get some hunch of where the actual fuck I was. Ran through the forest, only noticed the wire fence to the bull pasture when I ran into it, and the abrupt stop made me damn near dislocate my ankle. The ankle also made me lose balance, so naturally I grabbed the electric wire I had previously run into, and electrocuted myself. Again.
  20. All the time when writing guides. I scrap and rewrite so many times I sometimes forget where I last was. Like my romance guide that's still in progress. I've had to do several wording changes on it. By the time I was finished, it turned into eight paragraphs of content so politically corrected that it ended up sounding something like this.

    "Some women based on a multitude of factors tend towards preferring a range of categories that include physical, mental, and emotional attributes in a significant other." Translation: Women like humans.

    Well, gee, thanks captain obvious. I had to scrap the whole thing and start over again. At least I got to keep my citations.
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