I bet you just skimmed this post...well GUESS WHAT?!



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hehehe HAI THAR~! I'm pretty new to this site! Love roleplaying but i fail at everything else! (jk...i do have a life lol)
:3 plz roleplay with me...cause ya know...you never know unless you try?
BLEH ; A ; total noob i ish sowwy...


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Hello, Goddess of Pork, I am Iliana, Goddess of Everything Else.

Welcome to Iwaku! Don't worry, we have plenty of people that would love to kidnap you against your will and toss you head first into roleplays role play with you!

Have a look at our
Jump In Roleplays if you're all so anxious to get right into the role play mania!

Go get 'em, Porky~! :D
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I read the whole thing!

Hi there Riceypork, your name caught my eye, enticing me, calling me. I couldn't help but read your entire post, in fact, I will most likely read everything you write Just because of your name. Riceypork indeed, well played, my friend.

I'm October, nice to meet you.


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I definitely didn't just skim it ^.^ everyone is new at some point so do not fret dear Ricey. I would most definitely love to roleplay with you! I am available a majority of the time so I will receive any message you send :D I'm Celeste by the way.


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Hello Miss Pork, who might not be good at everything, but sounds oh so delicious. >:3 Watch your ham hocks...


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Hi there and welcome to Iwaku!
We like to read, so I'll bet most of us didn't skim. ;D
I'm Kitti by the way, good to meet you.

If you need any help, feel free to ask!
And don't be so sorry, dear. Everyone was new once!

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A goddess of pork? I am king of bacon!