I Attempt a Pokemon Creepypasta

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  1. So I decided to write one of those fancy scary stories, that usually aren't that scary. For those not in the know, this will be a story much like [urlhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXSWmaQL2TA&feature=related]Lost Silver[/url]. The following is a taster - something to show you what kind of writing I can do. It's prologue, more or less. An introduction.

    Pokémon - Bloody Ruby

    Recently, I’ve been growing bored, and I have found little in the way of regular entertainment. No books particularly interested me, television seemed to get progressively more banal, and my gaming library was yet to see an extension until the release of a game next month. In this light, I decided to take a trip down memory lane, and play my copy of Pokémon Ruby.
    Or, rather, I would have, but the cartridge was broken – careless actions break many a delicate item.

    I knew for a fact that I could just order another copy online, but something else sprang to mind – I actually had what was obviously a pirated copy, one that I had never gotten around to playing. I had planned to use it to have all three starters in my normal Ruby game, but I had thought it lost. By the time I had found it, I was well into Pearl, but I kept it – irrespective of what use it may have held. And, conveniently, the item in question was deemed fit for use, and nothing particularly special seemed to happen as I booted up the game. The scene with a trainer on a bike, a Latios or Latias soaring by them (I can never remember which), the battle, the title screen. Nothing to get particularly worked up over. However, a noticeable differentiation managed to occur upon me pushing the A button, my standard protocol now. Instead of the usual sound clip playing, Groudon’s cry echoed, slowed down and distorted, as if by a sound glitch. Given that the game was pirated, I made nothing of it – though, something did play on my mind – that something being the tone of it. Groudon sounded as if it was in pain. Slow and pained, the cry was one seemingly born of agony, the whimpers of a legendary put down. Irrespective of this, I continued forth.

    Upon deciding whether to start a new game immediately, or to investigate the old player’s file, my curiosity won over. To be honest, given where I’d bought the game, it was no true surprise that I’d acquired a second-hand game. However, upon attempting access to said file, I was greeted with a stark, to-the-point message.
    “No. You can’t see this.”
    I shrugged this off as well – the game was obviously hacked as well as pirated. Having nothing better to do, I continued onwards, putting down any concerns about the game. The message did seem a little foreboding, though…

    So, yeah, opinions and all that. I'm new to writing this kind of thing, so I need all the help I can get.