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  1. My character is just a normal average person. Unfortunately, your character wants a slave. So they kidnap mine and begin to teach them in the art of the sex slave.

    Cliche, yet I want to rp this one!
  2. Hello~

    I'd be interested into Roleplaying this with you! I-I mean..if that's alright with you..
  3. You can be a person who randomly kidnaps my character and bends their will into a sex slave?
  4. Yes, if you want me to.
  5. that is who I would wish fory ou to be! Do you think he/ she could maybe be mentally... off?
  6. Mentally off. Hm..well, I thought about a little more for the RP. Also, can my character Please be a girl? I'm not great at Roleplaying a boy (unless if their for background..)
  7. I don't mind you playing a girl, I'm totally cool with lesbian!
  8. Alright then. Also, like I said I had an idea for the RP. Would you like to hear it? (It sort of adds onto the RP a little bit).
  10. Okay so my idea was that My character isn't as Mentally off (but their really into Sex) as you want them to be. And instead of kidnapping them, she asks them at school to come over to her house later during the night and my character seduces them and then bluntly tells them they are now their slave. What do you think?
  11. I like it! I say let's do it!
  12. Great! Do you want me to PM you?
  13. Sure!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.