I am your NPC, as well as you are mine.

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    I want to immerse myself in a responsive literate fantasy world. The purpose of one character's life is a magnificent as your creativity could be. How it ends is not entirely up to you. The NPC is played by another thus the response you get is a wonder. Barter with the shopkeepers, bribe the guards, charm a princess or prince or even the ancient dragon into submission. Or if you are into being a villain, attempt in murdering them all. The success rate is up to your writing skills as I will be your NPC and you shall be mine.​
    It been maybe some time since I roleplayed. My last roleplay didn't go so well. The only one I had in Iwaku was a bit boring as there was not a good communication between me and the world and the players. Simply, I felt like I was playing alone, being creative alone, responding to myself alone. and so I quit. But now I am back, posting a thread in hopes of finding someone who is interested in the same thing as I am.​

    The kind of world I am into is a world filled with magic but not limitless. To create something one would require something equal. Swinging a sword would require muscles and to cast a fireball will require inner mana.

    The world I am to imagine is a world filled with not only the human race, but also the elves, dwarves, orcs, and anthros such as centaurs and Minotaur. The elves may advance in magic, but the dwarves are advance in technology. The orcs may be barbaric and beastly, but not all are alike. Just as the current humans are. This is not medieval times but the science fiction world of the fantasy world filled with skyscrapers and airships. This is Terra, a world filled with amazing colors.

    [​IMG] this would be how the outskirts would looks like.
    above is a dwarven engineer.


    I guess that would be enough images to kick start your imagination.

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  2. Interested, but I would like to see the idea a bit more fleshed out. But, the idea is very interesting.
  3. Interested c:
  4. Well. I don't know how to really flesh it out, but I'll try and give you simple example.

    For instance, you created a simple human character who lives in a small hut a mile away from town. For starters, he is hungry and the food at home is finished. So he needs to get food. There, you have choices to make. To get food you can go hunt or buy some at the shop in town or village . You yourself decide what to do.

    Let's say he goes hunting since he has no money. You have to write that he went to maybe the woods to search for some kind of animal. How you write and post is up to your creativity.

    Then as the NPC, I will write. In this case, I am the deer or boar or rabbit. I will determine what I will be and today I decide to be a human, pooping behind some bushes, out of the line of sight.

    You as the player, please don't metagame. The character probably hear ruckus behind the bushes but you won't see what's behind it. It's up to you to write what your character does next. You can inspect, or attack, or just ignore. It's all up to you.

    In the case you decide to lunge a spear to the bushes, I as the NPC will write whether the spear hits or misses. In this case, I may write that you pierces the person behind the bush's belly and his guts spilled out. He instictively stood up and saw his attacker. He skidded backwards, holding the content of his stomach with his mouth open but no words came out. Finally, he stumbled down, dead. A pool of blood collects under his corpse. His eyes was open but lifeless.

    You then decide what to do next. Later, I may write that the police finds the corpse or if you decide to hide the body, the police finds you with a bloody hands. It's all still unwritten. Your goal may change in between the roleplay. You may start with trying to find food. But then, your goal is to flee the lands because of murder.

    Same goes for conversation. Because this is is an interactive roleplay, the posts are probably going to be short.

    If you are interested, you should think of a good interesting goal.

    P/S: I am still learning how to use Iwaku. Please teach me and do not scold me for being inexperienced.
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  5. Ahh, the endless possibilities. I am definitely interested.
  6. Well, Heyitsjiwon and N/A, If you are sure and would like to try this with me, I'll post a new thread later in the one on one roleplaying forum > Adventure Roleplays, and we can start. For now, you can imagine and describe your character appearance and goals here. :-) I'll inform you when the thread is up.

    As for anyone else who are interested, post here or simply PM me and I shall reply. If all is good, we will experiment. I shall tend to your needs.
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  7. At the risk of sounding like a total scrub, isn't this like... well... every other RP out there?

    Though you do seem to be inclined towards one with much lesser content spent on elaboration and prose, compared to what most on this site practice. I do say I'm a fan of writing in the spur of the moment. Or by the seat of my pants. If done right, it could be quite the ride.
  8. Is my idea the same with any every other RP here? If that is the case, please give me a link to a couple. I'd love to join an RP where the NPCs are played by someone else. The most I've seen are the ones where the NPCs as well as the PCs are played by the players themselves, solo.
  9. Shouldn't this be in the group section :o
  10. Well, there are ones where the GM plays as the NPCs and the RPers only play as their own characters.
  11. Interested, but need more information on how you would judge the posts. Also are we supposed to create the plot for ourselves or will you provide one?
  12. As for now, I would rather make this a one on one between all of you. The reason for this is because my previous group roleplays was great at first, but when only one person went away, the story turned to chaos and ruin. But if you like to try a group RP, lets keep the party small.

    As for plots. Its up to you. There is no real plot since the path of the story could change at anytime. If the goal for your character is revenge on someone, I would gladly play as that someone. But mind that your enemy could be your friend later on, and so could friends become foe. Once again, story change, twist turns up.
  13. I don't feel as though the revenge scenario would work, unless we all have the same revenge. Is it possible that this could be an adventure in which we try to take revenge on someone, or a group of people that we have to face?
  14. Now, how would I judge the post? I would probably judge them by the creativity of my imagination and also by how well you describe your character's action. The logic and physics of his or her movements will taken into accounts as well.
  15. That, fellow Eternalfire61, is why discussion have to be made. That is one of the fuss of group roleplays. That is why nowadays I prefer one on one roleplays.
  16. Doesn't seem tedious to you to play the NPC every time? I feel that if you were to judge our writing, then you have to let us be able to write. A part of writing is playing those other characters and interacting with those. I'm not sure if some of those connections with characters we play can be done when you play the NPCs only.
  17. It would not be tedious for me to play as the NPCs because that is what I aim to do. That is what I think would be the fun of it. I will play petty NPCs such as the shopkeepers, pedestrians, monsters and such. But for NPC that you consider a close friend or friends of your character, I would consider that character a PC which is yours. But please be informed I consider interacting between your two characters alone would just be writing and making up a story without effects from other individuals. It could also lead to metagaming which you shouldn't do. It ruins the fun in roleplaying.
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  18. Similar, not same. But more or less. You're still losing me with "NPCs are played by someone else", though. There are GM-created NPCs, which can range from being a random enemy on the field, to a character essential to the plot, and then there are the player-created NPCs, which tend to minor gaps in the narrative - those small moments such as when you (the character) purchase something from a reptilian blacksmith. You've described this in your last sentence, but it does not make up the entirety of the role-playing experience. Else the GM would have nothing at all to do within the RP. Maybe you're talking about 1-on-1?

    I've read this post by the way. As an aside, the RPs I joined in the past were so simple and fun. We never discussed a thing. The GM would throw plot at us, and we'd respond in any way we want. At one point it led to a climactic battle between my character and another PC atop a cathedral amidst darkening skies. My character grew fourteen more arms and sprouted a ring of fire against his back, and the PC turned into a colossal, abyssal dragon covered in venomous orichalcum spikes. True story, and without any prior discussions. 100% fun.
  19. So shade what you are suggesting is that we do a onexone with you playing all the npcs?
  20. I myself would like to experience an RP such as that, but my past experience has taught me that it is difficult to obtain such ease with group roleplays. Perhaps I would try again if everyone here would take the risk with me. *shrug*
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